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    EPISODE 137 — Yellow Desert

  2. SpencerMueller

    EPISODE 137 — Yellow Desert

    I'm glad you guys got the dice roller and like it, when you didn't have the episode last week I was worried it didn't make it to you guys. That dice roller has been with my group through many hilarious and super intense sessions, I hope you all at nerd poker enjoy it. And yes I am working on a new one and trying to figure out how I can get a mini smoke machine in it as well with all the LED lights I think it would look dope. I'll post some pictures of the newest one I make when its finished. Thanks again for having this amazing podcast, Spencer Mueller
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    Character Drawings

    Here's my take on Lyra's last few moments of life.
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    Character Drawings

    lol awesome thanks, I obviously wasn't looking very hard.
  5. SpencerMueller

    Character Drawings

    Does anyone know what the mailing address is to get a donation to these guys? Been trying to send in a donation and a dice roller I made to these guys for a while now but having difficulty finding where to send it to. Fell behind on some episodes so I'm hoping to send these in once i catch back up to the current, Help a brother out.