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    Freejack (1992)

    PLUS ONE. I was just reminded of this movie by a racing kart video that's been making the rounds: http://www.foxsports.com/motor/story/video-kart-flight-pass-052616 So yeah, I wanted to see this movie bad after it came out, I was 11 and it was rated R... but I managed to see it not long after. This was about the time I was also fascinated by the movie Robot Jox. Needless to say I enjoyed it, I don't remember everything about the movie but I do remember a surprising amount... such as Amanda Plummer as a foul-mouthed, trigger-happy nun (how did no one mention that!) and the sequence where Jagger is trying to hunt down Estevez in a weird futuristic maze.
  2. huntz0r

    Dune (1984)

    I signed up just to cast my vote for Dune. All-star cast, famous successful director, major producer, huge budget. And... that was the result. The standard cut would work just fine for our purposes and is readily available. Like Zardoz, everyone needs to experience this film once.