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  1. Wow! Well done to the engineer. That sounded really great.
  2. DavidHealy

    Episode 177 - Wild Horses, Our Close Friends

    I love you, Mary Holland.
  3. Caitlin Gill sounds like a lovely person.
  4. DavidHealy

    Episode 424 - Almost Parasites

    Father and daughter together at last.
  5. I'm pretty sure, these two idiots, got every saying's mean wrong.
  6. DavidHealy

    Episode 130 - Bedroom Eyes

    That was one adorable laugh at the end.
  7. They need to change the name of this podcast to "The Self-Righteous White Boy Podcast".
  8. Give those wedding planners their own show!
  9. The Wheel of Fortune thing got me. Hilarious.
  10. DavidHealy

    EPISODE 387 — Most Multiple Personalities

    I love Gemberling's mind.
  11. DavidHealy

    EPISODE 384 — Numbers Cannot Lie

    Eliens vs Predator. Brilliant.
  12. I can't explain how happy Brian Huskey shouting makes me feel.
  13. DavidHealy

    EPISODE 367 — Bits, Riffs, and Friendships

    Imagine it was like this every time. The Gelded Man, The Hide Man and Jon Daly. PODCAST POWERHOUSES!!!
  14. DavidHealy

    EPISODE 217 — Goodbye

    It's sad day. Fingers crossed, Kyle and David keep going with their own podcast.
  15. DavidHealy

    EPISODE 111 — More Advice For You!

    I'm so in love with these two women.
  16. DavidHealy

    EPISODE 216 — Optogenetics

    How privileged are we to hear Kyle's creative process give birth to something as beautiful as Christ High?
  17. "I love Andy Daly" is how you should win every debate.
  18. DavidHealy

    Episode 206 — Micro-budget Filmmaking