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    Ep 250 — Under the Cherry Moon

    Also, favorite song!? There is no way yo pick one. I mean you have to decide what you want to hear first...jazz, classical, r&b. Rock, gospel, pop and THEN narrow it down from there. Lol But lately I listen to this one a lot...
  2. Styleagogo

    Ep 250 — Under the Cherry Moon

    I agree u all must watch P.R. & Graffiti Bridge (which in my opinion is the worst of all, but its Prince so I am still obsessed with it. When he passed i got a phrase from the song mountains tattooed on my arm with his signature. (BTW I am writing with his abbreviations 2 save space & cuz its cool. Lol Also, there is the concert move Sign of the Times. I am a deep Prince Fam (he asked us 2 not say fan because it comes from the work fanatic & has a negative tone). I have sooo many things I could say being a local MN girl who grew up in the 80s & spent many nights just trying 2 be where he was. UTCM is close 2 my heart cuz my friend won tickets 2 the local premiere that played in a tiny theater downtown St Paul. We even went 2 the after party but being so young & having a curfew we didn't stay which is one of my big regrets (I have many). I have another really special story that happened a few weeks later that I regret not having a camera for...oh the 80s!! Anyway, with the many times I have seen the film and the knowledge I have from people at the time, here are some of my thoughts.... There was NO chemistry between Prince & KST. She wasn't feeling him at all. So during the kissing on the boat you can actually see her disgust & forcing herself to kiss him back. I think she was a great actress because she is a good actress but recasting to someone that had more chemistry probably would have been better imo. His relationship with Tricky, I don't think it was supposed 2 be sexual but they loved each other & were life long friends. But I did wonder if it was more 4 Tricky!? He has a lot of emotional moments where he is hurt by Christopher's actions. Where he is jealous of Mary. At least that's how I saw it, he wasn't mad at Christopher 4 getting Mary but more mad that Mary was taking him away. The song Sometimes it Snows in April that plays at the end shows the love from Tricky's perspective. But careful...since Prince left this planet in April that song will tear u apart 2 listen to & has become THE hardest song 4 fams! I think also that Tricky was the money guy cuz Christopher is a wild thing that can't be tamed & he had no time or patience 2 figure it all out. The car scene where Christopher is in the back seat silent, I feel like at that age this is EXACTLY how Prince would tell a woman he cared 4 her. My fav scene is the tub where he leaves the phone msg. I could watch him in a tub speaking in that romantic tone again & again! Lol Also the black/white filming was Prince's idea & although he was fought on it he won. It was actually filmed in color & there is a color version out there. Prince was dating Susanna Melvoin at the time & he was madly in love with her. She was there in France the whole time & talks about it in interviews. In fact, he proposed 2 her but she eventually broke it off & broke his heart. Check out the song Empty Room 2 hear the pain from that relationship. 4 those that don't know, the silliness in the film IS Prince. Besides being mysterious, sexual, giving, & sometimes scary, he loved 2 prank people & joke around. Google the gangster glam video where he is rollerskating ! You're welcome!