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    Episode 133 - The Quest

    Favorite line from this episode: "They had to slo-mo that fisting..."
  2. Jockass

    EPISODE 123 - Lifeforce

    Haven't listened to the episode yet, but read the comments. Was it just me or did this actually play like an episode of Doctor Who with some boobs, bush, and blood? I seriously expected Jon Pertwee to show up and talk the vampires into going home then watching in horror as UNIT (with special guest star Steve Railsbeck) blew it all up. After watching it, I looked at the IMDB page and saw that Patrick Troughton and Elizabeth Sladen both were considered for parts. I wonder if maybe Tobe Hooper is a Doctor Who fan? Still, I did love the hell outta this flick. So many shots reminded me of War of the Worlds, especially all the cathedral stuff. Looking forward to listening to the episode tomorrow.
  3. Jockass

    Guests I'd Love To Hear of HDTGM

    - Bill Corbett - MST3K/Rifftrax alumni, also wrote Meet Dave, which might be interesting - Kevin Murphy - MST3K/Rifftrax alumni - Just awesome - Patton Oswalt - well, yeah. he's just brilliant - Bobscratch Goldfarb - another genius - Dana Gould - you'd probably have to watch something that was made before y'all were born, but that's not a bad thing. - Bob Odenkirk - because, fuck yeah - Bryan Fuller - Something tells me this guy can riff and have a fucking great time. - Michael McKean - Do I really need to justify this?
  4. Jockass

    Is Rifftrax horrible?

    Rifftrax is brilliant. Not every joke hits, but then again, they dole out like 10 a minute. I highly recommend checking out their riffs for The Guy From Harlem, The Star Wars Holiday Special, and any flick that HDTGM has done. They've also done the Twilight and Transformers movies, which is the only way to make those movies even slightly palatable.
  5. Jockass

    The Warriors

  6. Sam Peckinpah directs a film where Warren Oates has to give a head to El Jefe. This film has been hated since it came out, except by a few, including Roger Ebert. Even if you don't decide to do this for the podcast, I think you should all watch it. It is everything your show looks for in a "bad" movie. And maybe you can resurrect this flick for a generation that has missed out on its genius. The trailer: