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    EPISODE 122.5 - Minisode 122.5

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102674/ The Pistol. Do it. DO IT.
  2. DanScully

    EPISODE 118 - Furious 7: LIVE

    In Fast & Furious 6, Owen Shaw and Dominic Toretto have a scene in which they discuss their different ideologies. Shaw declares that he is about efficiency. If a member of his team gets injured or killed on the job, he sees it as a sign of their weakness and feels that his team is now stronger for having lost them. He does not care about familial bonds, only money and cars, and sees Toretto's love for his fambly as a weakness. On the other side of the coin is Toretto, who sees his fambly as the most important thing, and sees Shaws non-capacity for emotional bonding as a weakness. As a result, they must do battle... ...but in Furious 7 we meet Deckard Shaw, whose ONLY concern is fambly. He, much like the Fast Fambly, is out solely for revenge, and will kill anybody who stops him from attaining vengeance. So really, Deckard Shaw and the members of the Fast Fambly could easily be friends. Then again, Dominic Toretto doesn't have friends ... he has fambly.
  3. DanScully

    EPISODE 118 - Furious 7: LIVE

    Hey hey, I haven't finished he episode yet, so maybe this was touched upon, but a lot of people don't realize that the Fast world is one movie bigger than it appears. In 2002, Justin Lin made a movie called Better Luck Tomorrow, in which Sung Kang plays the character of Han Seoul-Oh. Not only does this add to the history of Han, but it also explains why Toretto had to bring Han's body home, as Better Luck Tomorrow establishes that han is from America. Another thing to consider about this series is that they make a very big point out of not showing major characters dying on screen. We've only seen Han near an explosion which, as indicated by Letty's "death", is not conclusive. Also, Giselle suffered the same fate as Owen Shaw (falling into the darkness on the runway), and Shaw isn't dead, so we can't conclusively declare her dead either. Fun thought: Toretto takes a wife while wearing a wife beater. Family. Finally, I have a theory regarding Kurt Russell's character. It is my belief that he was originally supposed to be revealed as Brian's father, but this was written out after the untimely death of Paul Walker. Just a theory, but Russell's sudden exit and his final line where it sounds like he's about to drop a big truth bomb but instead just suggests Toretto try a different beer indicates a rewrite to me.
  4. Today I was watching a documentary called Crazy Love. In it, during the middle of a segment filled with talking heads, one woman was describing a friend of hers and was trying to say he was not very attractive without being explicit. She said "you know who he looked like? Arnold Stang!" Mind you, she was about 80. Added note: Arnold Stang did voice work for ads, his most popular being a slogan for Chunky Chocolate Bars - "Chunky! What a chunk of chocolate!" Amazing.
  5. DanScully

    Episode 109 - FACE OFF: LIVE!

    Omission: There is a HUGE plot hole in FACE/OFF that no one seems to notice, and it's a good thing too, because of it were acknowledged, it would nullify the events of almost the entire movie. Faceless Castor Troy awakens from his coma and demands that the surgeons give him Sean Archer's face. The surgeons then put him under and perform the procedure. Why? Once he was under anesthesia, couldn't they have just cuffed him to the bed and been done with it? Sure, it could be argued that Castor Troy is such a maniac that he demanded the procedure be done while conscious, but in the middle of a movie that is so aggressive in its portrayal of Troy's batshit insanity you'd think it would be expressly depicted. Also, I'd like to make a comment in regards to Mr. Cage's idea that Troy and Archer don't shoot each other because they have a sort of love between them. Yes, this is a classic Joker/Batman "we need each other" relationship, and I would never presume to go against anything that Nic Cage says, but I think their hesitance to pull the trigger is so much simpler than that. If they shoot the other one, it limits the chances of either getting their own face back. It's, ummm ... science. All things considered, still the best movie ever made.