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  1. Goodbye, friends! Thanks for the laughs! Love, DrF (PS. Please don't end this show...... It's important to us, for some reason)
  2. DoctorFrog

    Episode 157 - Adam Pally, Our Bumper Recorder

    Hi guys. I'm living in the US now. Doing a postdoc at a good school in the midwest. It sucks... You have to pay for doctors?! Is this a third world country?! (Just kidding,,, sort of) . Is anyone worried about the future? Good episode, by the way.... Dr. F
  3. Wow. Only 84 posts? Is this show really dying??? Where are all the members of the old guard? #ChansonSaveUs
  4. Hi guys. Did you hear that this election is crazy?
  5. Congrats! But stop poking holes in your condoms.
  6. I recently completed my 5th (?) run through of all of HH. My favourite moments are: 1. Tracy Wigfield and the Emmy discussion. 2. B. J. Novak and the Spiderman script. 3. Grease Knows Eggs. 4. Every other second of HH. Keep it real, fuckers! And is THAT interesting?
  7. spitting fire. absolutely savage.
  8. DoctorFrog

    EPISODE 132 — Annaliese, Our Song Singer

    I like this show
  9. souprman coming in strong with a 4.4 likes-per-post
  10. Hi guys. I'm still in Germany. It still sucks. Finally started writing my thesis. The only thing that was easy to write was the acknowledgment section. Alongside some other fucking dweebies and nerdos, it says "Thanks to my distant friends Sean and Hayes for helping me through many hard times. I hardly knew ye." I'm sure you don't believe me, so I'll post a pic of the finished product. If I can stay motivated, you'll see it in a couple of months. (Unless I don't get the pro version during that period) Seems like the forums are dying... Should I be worried about the show? Hope you guys are having a great day! Love, DrF
  11. Hey best friends. I'm currently working in Germany. People don't seem to understand me. When I talk more loudly and angrily at them, they usually walk away. In order to feel comfortable in this terrible place, I've been binge-listening to the whole HH catalog (for the 4th time). I remember the post which got me my first Clemdawg like. It went a little something like this...: "I find your lack of Sean disturbing". (It was on an episode without Sean, obviously) I missed you guys. PS. why are the forums so dead this week?
  12. Out of the blue. My dog is dying right now. It fucking sucks. He is my best friend. Here's a pic, in case you forgot: Mr Bungle provided a great warning to potential dog owners that I chose to ignore. Please listen to 'Stubb a Dub' in honour of my idiot dog.
  13. Much better than the Pauly Shore podcast. PS. Don't bother with the Pauly Shore podcast.
  14. I don't know why I would tell you... I don't want people to hear it. But... it's there. Sort of worried I'll be run off the Internet.
  15. Hey guys, Don't have anything interesting to post about HH or anything. But I need some catharsis. I'm sure you don't give two hoots but I can honestly say my call with Tom has left me crippled. I have been obsessing over what I did wrong. "Why do I sound like a 16 year old girl?" I ask myself. "Why do I sound like someone who just had his wisdom teeth removed??" I made the mistake of googling various combinations of my 'name', 'Scharpling' and 'Rush' and found that Andy Kindler thinks I "owe the universe an apology". Some other guy said I seemed like a Wurster character. And another dude picked up on my totally cringe-worthy "I feel like I know you". I haven't slept well in a few days. When I try to sleep, all I can do is fantasize about how I'm going to apologize. (I wrote out a huge thing explaining my thoughts and my worries but it's ridiculous to post it here). The lesson I learned and want to pass on: NEVER phone in to ANY call in show if you are socially anxious.
  16. Couldn't be happier about how my first call went on Best Show. I don't think I sold Tom on Rush, but I did sing him a few songs. I was in the middle of saying "I feel like I'm getting Bad Companied" when I got Bad Companied. I'll carry that around as a badge of honour. "I like him, though. He seems like a sweet kid." - Tom Scharpling on Dr F. AP Mike and Tom are right to think they'll hear from me again..
  17. currently on hold with AP mike on The Best Show. He seems to think my attempts to convince him that Rush is good will #MakeTomLaugh. Hope you all get to hear my heavenly voice. Wow. I talked with Tom Scharpling. I'm sure I made an ass of myself. Tune in to find out.
  18. This episode is a serious contender for my absolute favourite HH. That Harry's ad is a goddamn masterpiece. It's a serious testament to our boys that they can experiment with the format extensively over the past few months and still come back with a 'standard' episode that's solid gold. During my self imposed exile, I re-visited the entire Ricky Gervais radio shows and podcast. I know the guy is a complete wad now, but that show still holds up. I also listened to a large amount of The Best Show. While I think that it is fantastic, I am going to call in each week until Scharpling re-brands the show as The Second-Best Show. DrF out y'all!
  19. As a Canadian, I don't understand why all users don't like every post.... It's very impolite.. Another awful post... I'm gonna sit this week out. Hope you Handbook Heads have a great week. Love, DrF.
  20. No Sean-y, no PCG, I won't listen. (Semi-permeable membranes, remember??? It's a play on "no ticky, no washy, you can't get in"...) This post sucked. I'll readily accept the hit to my post-to-likes ratio.
  21. great ep. mfw listening:
  22. DoctorFrog

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    No.. I meant "you are opinions". Read a book once in a while!
  23. DoctorFrog

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    I've said "enh wrong" before. But you're opinions are so far outside of wrong that I don't even know what to say to you. You must have some kind of brain injury. I have a serious problem where I honestly can't listen to any non-HH podcast without getting immediately bored and/or angry. I've started to think "Would greggy say this?" in my everyday life. I pray that we will all be as cool/funny as him one day.
  24. DoctorFrog

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    Why is there no Hot Dog Go to Bathroom shirt? This is another fuck up on par with the Howl pay wall.