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  1. Wow, hot fire right off the bat. I almost wish Scotty recorded something else and saved this to release Wednesday morning in case Trump can somehow squeak it out.... I mean in case that corrupt Hillary somehow buys the election, sorry Scott


    Who do you think you are MICHAEL MOORE?

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  2. Dicker Troy should come back the next time Seth Morris's ASMR character comes back to the show.


    I am so confused as to which of the characters is Londale Theus Jr. and who is playing the other character. The show description says Londale is the only character guest and I initially thought he was playing both characters a la Victor and Tiny, but I could hear the two characters talking over each other.


    EDIT: Pemberton was using a voice modulator. Rats!

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  3. - Weird, that youtube link led me to an ISIS beheading video compilation


    - Was patiently waiting for an Admiral Thranz and Franz reference, but I was disappointed


    - I'd like to see what Sean was imagining in his head when he was trying to grasp the concept of a motorcycle and side car


    - Sean and Hayes' script about the kid pope who wins the tennis match with a sweet backspin shot is better than the show from the teaser freezer

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  4. Can confirm I am an 85 year old gentleman who has seen more sunsets than he's going to see.


    I can't fathom how many creamcheese Digornios Wompler will hate-eat when she hears Scott mistaking Rheardon for having been on with Jerod and Rusty, when it was clearly Wompler.


    If only PFT was there to hear that opening catchphrase. Buttsex and Dicks? Face the music Scott, it is That Kind of Show.


    There literally cannot be too much of Neil Campbell.


    Scott mentioned that he was with Sean and Hayes at Earwolf headquarters, presumably for their quarterly (every 25 episodes) contract renegotiations.


    It's almost as if the guests are intentionally goading Scott into bringing back It'ssssss Been.


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  5. I love when these guys appear on the show because their character names always seem like they just said whatever sounds/syllables popped into their heads. "Tob Handlez" is up there with "Bever Hopox" and "Lon Smudge".


    I think I enjoyed the Shifting Bouncy episode significantly more because the name Explosione tickled a particular bone in my body that happens to be funny

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