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  1. SolidWilled

    Episode 035: Are You Ready to Get Back to Work, 007?

    I'm so glad James Bonding is back and on Earwolf! Could we get this posted on Soundcloud too please?
  2. SolidWilled

    Episode 344 - Two Foot Beach

    Great ep, Tim was great. On the topic of all new Hey Gang episodes going behind a Patreon pay wall: that seems like news that should be dropped on us more like next December 22nd rather than on a July 5th. I LOVE HOWARD, I love the idea of supporting Howard, I think everyone should go buy Austin Stories DVDs and go to his comedy shows and buy his music off Bandcamp and t-shirts from Teespring. I am just really sick of monthly pay walls I'm not going to create anymore monthly fees for myself this Summah, and I really like Hey Gang so this came as a major Summah bummah to me.
  3. SolidWilled

    Episode 293 - Village Chief Pillow Fights

    Great Episode, great guest! I love Occulus Summah, it's too bad the youtube vids for the songs are region locked because I was trying to share it with some people from Spain. I was going to tell them about the bandcamp site but I didn't get a chance. I also finally got to do a GREEtings Chartist to another chartist in a Twitch chat of all places! HAVE A SUMMAH
  4. SolidWilled

    Episode 286 - Mic Chew, One Tech

    This episode had a great feel to it. Just hanging out in Stard Alley. Nice. Great ep.
  5. SolidWilled

    Episode 37 - They Live with Peter Jason

    WOW! Super great ep right here! I am sure this is the reason you started this show is for interviews like this Matt! 10/10
  6. SolidWilled

    Episode 241 - Guess the Bigfoot

    I was going to ask if this episode is also laden with non objective and unwanted political BS. The description gave me my answer, thank you, I'll check back next week.
  7. SolidWilled

    Episode 303 - Sauvignon LeBlanc

    Andrea is great. *Thumbs up*
  8. SolidWilled

    Episode 404 - The Timeys Leap Year Celebration

    I love the Time Keeper! I would love to hear even more of him even more often on this very podcast!
  9. SolidWilled

    EPISODE 242 — Grinding in the Friend Zone

    Jonah is always cool. I patiently await the return of the Summah Sultan.