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    Episode 109 - FACE OFF: LIVE!

    Face/Off Omission: I was surprised that the discussion of Face/Off did not include a mention of the trailer played in the preceding mini-episode, since that trailer appears to be for a completely different movie! The audio for the trailer consists of John Travolta as Sean Archer explaining his tireless pursuit of "the most dangerous and brilliant criminal mind" he's ever known, leading up to this set up for the movie: "and now after all this time, I've finally figured out a way to trap him: I will become him." Sounds compelling enough, but that is NOT the movie we all just watched! Archer doesn't become Troy to trap him -- by the time Archer becomes Troy, they've already caught him (in fact, he's in custody and in a coma and they use his actual friggin' face -- how are you gonna trap a guy AFTER you steal his face?!). No, Archer becomes Castor Troy in order to get his brother Pollux to reveal the location of a bomb. You could argue that maybe Archer is talking about Pollux Troy in the trailer, but c'mon, the film makes it clear he's obsessed with Castor, not Pollux. So what happened here? How did we get from the plot in the trailer to the plot in the film? WTF, mate?!