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  1. I tried to crawl in but it looks like they've sealed up all of the cracks thanks to Vic
  2. mmyes

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    Is this it? The spark that finally ignites the powder keg that is the Earwolf forums? We are being ushered into a conflict of conflict and strife. I've heard of cupcake wars, but flame wars? Guys, let's just all get along. Yes, we Handbook Heads are very pleased. But we're not pleased with ourselves (except maybe those of us who have invested in the pro version). We're just pleased with Hayes and Sean, pleased that nerds can be so so cool because now we can all be cool nerds too and read big books and play Marios. And maybe you CBB fans can be a sports game or use a football at your frat house babefests after getting off work at your Wall Street corner office, but remember... We're really good forum guests and we can be proud of our deans lists and game boys, and you really shouldn't be so mean so COME ON GUYS ALREADY
  3. Listening to this, and it's the first time CBB has kept my attention since April when I stumbled upon HH. I feel like this should be a joke but it's 100% honest. Sean and Hayes should be on every podcast every week. Now they're talking about us swell nice guys and gals on the forum and how we're not interested in listening to the other traaash on earwolf Edit: how many posts before I get Hayesed?
  4. mmyes

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    Mmyes, points. Speak on that. (Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA OMG)
  5. mmyes

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    Oh Jesus lord and Mary and my god. I finally have a reason to return to one of the wonderful quaint podcasts that paved the road to Hollywood Handbook. It'll be nice to see how old Anchorman is doing. I started listening to Hollywood Handbook a month ago, and in that time I've only listened to Sean and Hayes with the one exception of the CBB anniversary special. But now I can listen to CBB with the assurance that it will be as funny and interesting and smart as I'm now accustomed to as a Handbook head. Risky move by Scotty Anchs. He may just lose his whole listenership after today.
  6. mmyes

    Influx apologies

    Yep, I was snagged by WSGLL and the CBB ads as well, and as much as I wish I was exaggerating for dramatic effects (as it would prove how smart and funny I am), I literally have only listened to the CBB anniversary episode since then when it comes to other podcasts. I'll be listening to the new CBB later today. But only because it's actually an episode of HH in the style of CBB. Can't fool me, Seanyheayesyboys
  7. I do like throwing stones, but where I'm from we don't call it Stones Throw, we call it Cornhole. The avatar is Fantastic Planet, which is fantastic, but maybe a little too scary.
  8. mmyes

    Anchorman's Dilemma

    Hello dear friends, I only recently started listening to the greatest podcast in the universe - Hollywood Handbook, of course (sorry, Matt Besser). The path was certainly a windy one: Comedy Bang! Bang! on Netflix led to CBB the podcast which led to countless others, including With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus. Which is where I first stumbled upon Hayes and Sean, and I instantly listened avidly. Although I thank a new star in the sky each night for the existence of Hollywood Handbook, there is one drawback. All of the other podcasts, which I once held in such high esteem, seem... amateurish in comparison to Hollywood Handbook. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm glad I'm not so naive anymore... but I shudder to think how threatening Hayes and Sean must be to the rest of Earwolf. Think about it: is there any way that Hollywood Handbook isn't the most listened to podcast on Earwolf? Foul play, that's one way. And I know just who and howdunnit. Scott Anchorman. Anchorman is big boss boy at Earwolf, but he's also a podcast host. Thus, the classic "Anchorman's Dilemma". Scott could throw Sean and Hayes off the air before everyone forgets Comedy Bang! Bang! Artist Scott would love that just too much. But businessboss Scott is too damn smart for that. Sean and Hayes are his ultimate cash cows. Anchorman has the engineers smudge the numbers to keep up appearances and keep Woolfcool from acquiring Earwolf. Speak on that.
  9. Sean and Hayes, in the Damien Fahey episode, you absolutely skewered society's ridiculous views on "age" and sexual maturity. It was very smart, and I think it belongs in your best of.