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  1. hannahchessman

    EPISODE 349 — The 6th Anniversary Show!

    And yet I knew where he was going with it as soon as he started.
  2. hannahchessman

    EPISODE 22 - U2 Talk 2 U

    the only two bros out there who can get me to listen to an hour long U2 interview.
  3. hannahchessman

    EPISODE 353 — Goodbye Reggie!

    was anyone else disappointed with the BB-8 charac after the hilarious build up from PFT?
  4. hannahchessman

    EPISODE 349 — The 6th Anniversary Show!

    I think this is my favorite episode of all time. Every character brings out full on cackles. Scott is in rare form, and listening to Paul Scheer try to spell out OFWGKTA tickles me to no end. I'd say 20 listens and counting!
  5. hannahchessman

    EPISODE 231.5 — 5/08/15 TWO CHARTED 170

    This comment is a little delayed, but I really loved this episode. Thank you so much for sharing, Kulap and Armen. I think about Harris all the time, and I did not even know him. While I can't help my thoughts and even welcome them sometimes, I completely understand Armen's need to have his experiences be meaningful and unique in comparison to those that were not close with him. Kulap was right when she said it was the clearest he's ever been on the show. Thank you again for all that you've shared.