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    This is fantastically and unrepentantly bad flick. It deserves the HDTGM treatment!
  2. CorbyKennard

    Eyes Wide Shut

    WAT?? There are GIANT logic holes here. Terrible pacing. Horrible dialog. Questionable thematic choices. With the exception of the cinematography, the whole thing felt like a bad SNL sketch that went off the rails. Cruise sleepwalks through this thing like he's on downers and Kidman is just unwatchable. You know a film is bad when the kids who sneak in to get a look at some naked boobs sneak back out again 20 minutes later because they're bored. And that piano - Tune that stupid thing! AGH! My ears have never recovered! This is legitimately the only film I've ever been angry that it exists. And I LOVE Kubrick films!
  3. CorbyKennard

    Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991)

    Bumping this one. It's soooo bad it's great. Slow motion fights and all.