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    Episode 174 - Jason X: LIVE!

    They briefly touch on doing one of the other "...Goes to Space" movies. I really hope they can because Hellraiser: Bloodline is one of the first roles Adam Scott had. He's mentioned it briefly on either CBB or UTU2TM but it could be fun if it doesn't step on any toes. I also hope they can get a chat on the mini with Todd Farmer, don't know him personally but I've followed him on Twitter for years and he seems like a genuinely nice dude.
  2. Sievers

    Episode 507 - Popcorn Costume

    If it's any consolation, Rhea posted a picture on her Instagram of Paul losing it about a week ago.
  3. Sievers

    Episode 98 - Ghostbusters

    I went with the softest yes. Going in I thought I'd be a soft no because I rewatched it at the start of the year after watching the new Ghostbusters at home and it wasn't nearly as good as I remembered. But Scheer convinced me and even though Amy said no she did sway me with some of the things she really likes about it. Some of the jokes are definitely problematic but it is very much a product of its simpler time and I can kind of forgive it for that. Ghostbusters 2 is absolute trash. I liked it when I was 10 but it held up even worse than I imagined.
  4. Sievers


    Yay it's back April 17, been far too long (6months and 1 day per Amy). Listening to the announcement made me realise how much I missed hearing Amy's film critiques in audio form. The new format sounds interesting having a new guest each week. I really enjoy David Ehrlich's writing and I was genuinely shocked when Amy said Armond White would be on, I couldn't tell if that was a joke or not? I presume not. Good to hear you're back Amy, can't wait to put The Canon back into my commute routine.
  5. Sievers

    Episode 463 - 2016 Holiday Spectacular

    "An asshole that's also a Doctor and gets into a fight with a screensaver at some point"
  6. Sievers

    Future of the Show?

    What didn't he like about it? Seems pretty innocuous to me. I only just discovered it via this thread (appears I've been living under a rock) and thought it was a neat way to keep track of everything I watch. This year I've been trying to keep track via Notes on my iPad but I'll either forget to add something or not have it by my side. I've been so busy this year that when a friend asks what I've seen lately or recommend I almost always forget or say something I saw 6 months earlier that I thought was only a few weeks ago. I don't comment much in the forums, ironically I replied more on the awful layout that was the Wolfpop forums. But I listen to the show every week and read/enjoy what you guys have to say but feel terribly out of my depth and knowledge base when I see some of the replies. But I did setup and account a couple of hours ago: http://letterboxd.com/NickSievers/
  7. Sievers

    Future of the Show?

    I'm open to new episodes but it'll definitely be strange initially. It will also totally depend on who the co-host is and the dynamic he or she will have with Amy but this is an Earwolf show and it certainly isn't like there is a shortage of talent out there to choose from.
  8. Sievers

    Future of the Show?

    I take the premise of the show lightly, the main reason I listen to this podcast is for the intelligent discussion on interesting and classic movies. I ultimately don't care too much about what does and doesn't get "Canonised". But it is/was a fun spin for a movie based podcast to stand out from so many others.
  9. Sievers

    Future of the Show?

    Immediately goes on a rant about how he thinks he knows him.
  10. Sievers

    Episode 449 - Nasty Lyrics

    Scott being so antagonistic towards Kristian Bruun is one of my new favourite things. This could blossom into a Michael Scott and Toby relationship with time.
  11. I downloaded this when it first became available and it had the disclaimer of poor audio but didn't get a chance to finish the episode. When I had a chance to listen this morning it had to download again. Seems that overnight Gino wanted to earn extra credits and taught the engineer for the tour about levels and sound speeds and brought it back to the audio quality we expect for the live shows.
  12. Getting to see CBB Live was my favourite comedy experience ever despite being in a venue that was standing room only (which was clearly unintentional). It was around 6hrs of standing by the time the show was over and I only got in the queue 30mins prior to the doors opening. We all wanted Claudia to make an appearance but with her schedule and other jobs in the US it felt like there was no way she would be over here for this so the reception in her home town was super genuine. I met them afterwards and they couldn't have been more gracious. I'm not a photo and autograph person but I couldn't resist the latter and got them to sign the book I brought with me. (PFT did one and Scott did the other); http://imgur.com/1Fif3MG ..And for those interested in breaking down the history in a better read than Wiki this is for you; http://imgur.com/oUqoB6c
  13. This episode is an all-timer, check it out immediately if you can. Gabrus is absolutely off the chain.
  14. Two of arguably the most well regarded comic-book sequels ever and enough time as probably passed to talk about whether or not one of these could comfortably go into the Canon. I have a feeling I know the outcome already but still think it would be an interesting discussion. I recently revisited Spider-Man 2 and firmly believe it’s not only the best comic sequel ever made but makes a strong case at being the best comic based film so far. It truly feels like a comic-book come to life. The whole thing has a great fun spirit, some terrific action (That clock tower / train sequence is an all timer), and a real heart that just keeps it together the entire running time. Keep up the great work Amy and Devin. I very much look forward each week to a new episode. Intelligent film discussion makes a long commute that much easier.
  15. Sievers

    Episode 433 - Government Pizza

    Engineer Cody Sam - get your shit together mate!
  16. Sievers


    Looks like 63% of the voters who listen to The Canon are dirty perverts!!
  17. Sievers

    Warcraft (2016)

    Agree with 24 Hour Party Pizza. The film has a unique look that might be off-putting to some - very colourful, big weapons, big armour, but it's definitely better than the general consensus of critics would have you believe. It has problems but it wouldn't make for a fun episode. I feel anyone who was saying the new Battlefield Earth either hasn't seen that movie in a very long time or is just using it as hyperbole.
  18. Sievers

    CBB Australia Tour 2016

    For those of us Aussies who don't generally visit Reddit, it kind of caught me by surprise because Scott mentioned it really briefly in the Best Of's and then nothing. Presale tickets until midnight tonight and the general public tomorrow. http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=BANGBANG16 PFT and Lapkus are confirmed. I'm so jazzed now considering how out of the blue this announcement was.
  19. Sievers

    Episode 424 - Almost Parasites

    Not anyone in Australia.
  20. Sievers

    Episode 77: SEVEN

    Argument for argument sake is not interesting on a film podcast. Playing devils advocate is not a fun listen. I'd even argue that when they agree and are so passionate about a film it is even more fun, especially when you look at the titles they disagree on.
  21. Sievers

    Episode 77: SEVEN

    I like Amy, I really do but yeesh some of the trivial things pointed out as reasons for not liking something come off as a little pretentious even if it isn't intended that way. It reminded me of the early Inception episode in which she naturally assumed that all people knew where the name Ariadne derived from and her place in Greek Mythology. I mean come on, really? However I do appreciate the notion that Amy has an optimism that the general population is as switched on as she assumes.
  22. Sievers

    Homework: Boyz n the Hood (1991)

    Figured they must have been doing this when Devin was tweeting about it the other week. I haven't watched it since the mid-90's so I'll have to try and get a viewing in but based on his tweets he will be skewering it for an hour and talking about how amateur it is.
  23. Sievers

    Episode 421 - I Got Your Results

    Brock Stone is such believer in abiding by the law that he'd make for a great crime fighting sidekick to JW Stillwater. However we still don't know his views on vigilante justice.
  24. Sievers

    Episode 421 - I Got Your Results

    Chin Dollhouse, hopefully he makes a return someday. He's on the episode where they first discuss the Widow Howlapp if I recall correctly (the service not the usage of that term).