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  1. My little message about Slim Thug up above made me remember a tweet of his I saw back in 2010, where he posted a picture of a small turd he presumably passed and said "It look like a gram of kush" which still cracks me up all these many years later. Sorry sickos the picture of the poopy won't load anymore, but iirc it was described quite well by Thugga. I also heard about Chick Fil A sauce first from Slim Thug's twitter and that stuff is very tasty. Not much of a revelation in today's post-Doughboys society but I really owe a debt to this man.
  2. A culture of prescription drug abuse already took Pimp C away from Houston. RIP sweet jones (btw Houston will still have Slim Thug)
  3. I listened to today's episode, and let me tell ya, I thought it was great! Here's a little trivia for you, gang: DC Pierson was the apple store employee in Marvel's Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier! I really like that movie, and he did a heckuvva job in it. Just like in today's podcast! What can't he do!?
  4. ugh no HH on Podmass this week, what gives!?
  5. @Bruce Reid Robinson II: *in a teasing tone* Fort Minor is stupid
  6. Anthony Cumin -- yumyumyum what a spicy comedian I like to get whole seeds then toast them a bit before grinding em up
  7. HH voted second (behind the Flop House) in the AV Club Reader's Poll http://www.avclub.com/article/2015-v-club-readers-poll-results-are-229961 Which I think is pretty great because inexplicably Bad Movie content is extremely popular.
  8. Charles Manson's Hollywood ... Handbook!! just a little goof to lift a few spirits I started this podcast today too based off your idea Skizelo, it's pretty good so far. Love the 90s modulated guitar in the background of the theme song.
  9. I wasted a lot of time this morning. Here is a snapshot of current shows releasing now, mean of the past 5 episodes' Soundcloud numbers (if available). Click to embiggen lol. What a weird word! hahaha. embiggen! Some notes: PFT/Wengert HH did 32,400. The numbers for a show can really really skew depending on the guest. Jon Gabrus is also really popular, based off a quick eyeball. Hayes's Whooch was 36,800 (very high for that show). The most recent two episodes have low numbers, are people jumping ship with the new format? I skewed the HDTGM numbers a bit by picking the full episodes. If a show came out this morning I skipped this week's numbers. Bitch Sesh might be skewing low because the first two eps were also on the HDTGM feed and had 100k+ listens QOTD is a ridiculous success. Probably why they brought Chris Bannon on and why there's this hope of NPR-ifying Earwolf, see with this Longest Short show being added. Wolfpop sucks, except for IWTT. The most recent Picking Favorites from yesterday has 91 listens, last week's has 165.
  10. thundercock69 ignore this message: Hi folks, Even though the AV Club adores them so, I was still very happy to vote for the boyz here: http://www.avclub.co...-poll-podcasts/ My voting went as such: 1. (best) HH 2. (best ep covered on Podmass) Mary Holland, Our Close Friend, 3. (what should be covered) Podcasts are Wonderful I am sorry to omit other fan-peripheral podcasts, because I love each and every one of them, but PAW gets my vote about what should be covered on Podmass.
  11. Great exotic rodents, gang. Here is the rock hyrax that I am partial to because they have learned, syntactical vocalizations that are quite rare in mammals (humans, elephants, bats, cetaceans (dolphins, whales and the likes)). They are apparently kind of close in evolutionary history to elephants so that helps explain it!
  12. adc that's zsinjeh!! The call is coming from within the continent....
  13. If the dudes from linkin park had a podcast like this to start December on, that song would have sounded like a dang polka! Faster tempo major key something you could tap your foot to. But that's besides the point.... The b-side to the One Step Closer single that is B-) Congrats to all involved! So excited to listen, TWB is a dear favorite of mine.
  14. Aw shucks I missed the call-in. I can record 30 seconds of muttering and nervous giggling if anyone wants to hear what I may have sounded like. Anyway, thejjar I made a sweet potato souffle with homeade marshmallows atop it. It turned out better than last year. The recipe calls for bacon bits on top but I went for toasted pecans this year cause I think the whole bacon trend is a little gauche now, and it was yummy. I didn't take a pic but I snapchatted one to Eliza with a maybe she screenshotted it? My dad is a little older and is a picky eater (he tried 'rice' for the first time a few years ago) and even he ate them though he usually doesn't fuck wit sweet potatoes and raved about them. Felt pretty good to me, Thanksgiving is a good holiday.
  15. yo everyone should go vote for Ep. 351 here unless you're SteveH and think it's bad. https://polldaddy.com/poll/9199328/ or 370 edit fa real though this has been quite a good year for little brother podcast cbb
  16. Bruce has a "Beaver Patrol" t-shirt this is really coming together.
  17. Ah nothing like curling up with one's fifth favorite podcast on a cold autumn day (to be clear hh is my first favorite podcast and this post is a patented nohorseman burn, which incidently might also warm up this poor soul)
  18. Episode 111 everyone make a wish!
  19. SNL? I'm more interested in SnH (Sean n Hayes)
  20. how hard did you drop the phone that the whole tank fell off the toilet
  21. In celebration of Valerie Bryant on PAW here is my favorite post of hers, and maybe by anyone ever on these wacky forums. Also haven't weighed in on this week's ep: just great. Love the heist scene in particular. A really funny podcast and I look forward to the next episode which I think will be next week?
  22. nohorseman

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    Spunky, isn't it GOOD if a new bug shows up that infests kudzu? Kudzu is a terrible invasive plant in that region, as everyone knows. EDIT: oh
  23. nohorseman

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    yo a bunch of folks from here are in the /r/earwolf Slack chat, hmu with your email and I'll invite you and we can talk about the bad posts of everyone who isn't in there yet you know where to find me
  24. nohorseman

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    I know something with infinite British Thermal Units... Our very own poster Andrew and his insults (burns)