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    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    Just Add Pepper, more like Just Add Attribution. Congrats on the ScuzzBoy question my best friend.
  2. nohorseman

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    Fuck, Kim Davis would have been a great Halloween costume. Oh well there's always next year.
  3. Scuzz-- Did you see Jimmy Kimmel's latest prank!? Oooo they got 'em goooood
  4. Happened to think of a few more, don't know what has gotten in to me! Scuzzman, please describe what you do in three words. Why show business? Why Hollywood? What's your favorite part of LA? What do you enjoy watching? Who would you like to work with? What's your favorite thing that you've done? How do you define success? And this might be fun... maybe you could pick what to say to end the segment. A.. choose-your-own adventure style signoff!
  5. Scuzzman, Do you have any Rituals?
  6. Dear Joe Spellman, Why do you let these mean folks call you that bad name? You're a nice boy. Plus your name reminds me of Harry Potter! Thank you and godbless
  7. oh yeah! He just called you "Soupman" and I remembered a protective raising of my hackles. It was pre-howlnouncement Scott though so I quickly forgave him
  8. dang soup that show is 10x the listenership of HH, you're in the big leagues now. congrats!
  9. that article seriously made me do a double take
  10. Here are a few that I happened to think of: Drake the type of (fellow) to own a home with wheels and several cars without. Drake the type of (fellow) to mow his grass and find a car. Drake the type of (fellow) to have the blue book value of his truck depend on how much gas is in the tank. Drake the type of (fellow) to get too drunk to fish.
  11. I found a fun joke seed we can riff off, too. Also if you're JustAddPepper go ahead an skip this post I was checking to see if the Drake & Future mixtape might be interesting, and the was all: Drake the type of (fellow) to stick his dick in between his legs and look in the mirror Drake the type of (fellow) to stop at a redlight on GTA Drake the type of (fellow) that pays for porn because he wants to be fair. Drake the type of (fellow) to take the frosting off a cupcake because they look better without makeup Drake the type of (fellow) to go to a party early so he can help set up So what do you all got!?
  12. hmm just workshoppin here with ya, anything here?: Which celebrity uses puppets and only appeals to racial bigots and which celebrity used to be on Mad Men and brings the house down Live from the Apollo? The former is Jeff Dunham and the latter is Def Jon Ham edit: now that I think about it Def Comedy Jam and Live from the Apollo are probably different things, so I'm not really helping
  13. ok this is much better I forgive you you should say yes if your boyfriend is nice and communicative and you've thoroughly discussed what marriage would mean to both of you and you think each of you can provide it for the other and you love each other and he agrees that howl had a p bad launch
  14. Who am I to be the forum police I don't even post that much but: What is going on with these terrible posts. These are real people you're "joking" about, people with feelings. People you KNOW read this stuff. Listen to Sean on Haim Slides before you hit send on anything that "jokes" about one host better than the other. And Joe, this bit sucks. Heh, hump day, amiright folks?
  15. this is a terrible post please don't write things like this EDIT well see below, I continue to "go in" on mean posts
  16. 13² is 169 which I think is just so profound. everyone remember to turn bouts of bad luck into the world's most perfect sex maneuver
  17. Today's episode: wow what an episode! Today's birthday boy: wow what a guy! Godbless this podcast, godbless this boy
  18. Hi Jeff, I can see your mouth move sometimes. How do you plan to improve this moving forward?
  19. Also in cool comedy dudes too cool to plug their stuff: Sean's Ash vs. The Evil Dead show debuts Saturday on Starz, 9PM!
  20. Hi Wayne Federman, Which movie won the Oscar in the year 69-420? Here's a reference from 1981, have anything to say about it? : "Modern Girl" by Sheena Easton
  21. Ugh close that refrigerator DreamRan we're not paying to refrigerate the entire dreamscape
  22. did you know Ranran plays in a band herself, a little outfit called THE CROUTONS? Ever HEARD OF EM!? gosh you don't know nearly as much about music as I do