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  1. So nice of Sean to read the lyrics to the Trends With Benefits theme to Stefi when renewing his vows, great allusion and totally not barefaced theft
  2. It's nohorseman's HH peripheral podcast roundup!!!! Giddy up pardners. Round One: Good or Bad debut ep - robot - What a theme song!! What a bunch of funny fellows. There is very little to me that is so funny as two people jokingly going "you thinkin' what I'm thinkin." 'Comin out hot!' as the hands say here on the ranch, a 5-star debut. Winefeld ep - Grgich Hills Sauv + The Statue - Wonderful host, exquisite editing. The guest sounds like not-funny TJ Miller, has way more vocal tics than he realized, and why does he keep bringing up weird feet stuff in the drinking game? Host, editing, premise, wine, show 5 stars. Guest? one star. Best Show - I already mentioned how much I love this. So dang good! The rare podcast ep that I listen to twice almost back-to-back Round Two will feature TWB and PAW but I'm a bit behind on the listening, but these two are so consistent why would you even need the update!?
  3. Hi Stephanie: Do you have any Rituals?
  4. Hi folks. Haven't posted in here yet this week. Hayes, Julie, and Tom on Best Show this week was so so so so so so funny. So funny. Full disclosure I thought the previous Tom Scharpling stuff I listened to was average, not classic. This tho? Bingo. Edit skip ahead to 50:30 minutes if no one has said that before (although the beginning is pretty funny too)
  5. Norm ������������������������ edit those are heart smooch emojis
  6. You somehow missed the whole point about context. The question is; does this person have an agenda or do they behave in an equally "offensive" way towards everyone. The point is not that understanding context makes it "okay", it's that it doesn't need to be looked at as either okay or not if you can wrap your brain around the subtleties of the situation.
  7. anyone want to ask Matt Gourley a question? https://www.reddit.c...tt_gourley_ask/ edit: got 'im to talk about the boyz
  8. Iirc Hayes said he's only gonna live in NY for 5 weeks out of the year. Also anyone reading the new gender swapped Twilight? I'd love to see a similar switch on HH where now Hayes is the cat and Sean is the dog.
  9. Sure, I'll track down some of the stuff Hayes mentioned in the Box Angeles episode: Blind boss sketch ESPN articles Film Reviews (didn't mention but I found em) A Harvard Lampoon thing I looked for his undergrad thesis on ProQuest to no avail, so too bad about that.
  10. "Matt Gourley's new closing sting fades out. Jakal keeps polishing the bare mantle. He briefly recalls waiting after the credits at Marvel movies, at Pirates of the Caribbean. Maybe his patience will pay off again. The heroes eat some schwarma, the monkey is a skeleton. C'mon boys... remember me. I'm here! The bricks of the hearth feel cold against his feet, the laughter no longer warming them, its tendrils no longer reaching throughout the body like a lazy stretch in the morning sunlight. Heh, he thinks. Mirth, hearth. I could maybe whip up a post with this.. His gaze lifts to the mirror hanging above the mantle. Jakal folds his polishing cloth and returns it to its resting spot beneath the sink, followed by his homemade citrus-based polish. Doesn't Agata have Polish heritage and could that be a post?" An excerpt from nohorseman's "Death of the Pro Version." Sent from my HTC One, the bad kind, with the bad camera not the newer one.
  11. I was just about to axe you about that, LB! (np btw, p good link)
  12. Love the boys messing with The Format. Sure is Fun.
  13. 9 years later, Stockholm copies Time magazine and awards half the Nobel Prize for Physiology/Medicine to You You Too! Congratulations tu You all!
  14. hfs y'all, Trenefits is back!! Trends with Benefits, that is B)/> . Featuring Chekov's Cashew Canister, "Are they twins," and so many hilarious goofs. Prepare to get mad at how funny the people that put up the forums threads are (and Gabe too) if you forgot during their short hiatus. http://www.twb.cool/ep/0000022
  15. If you weren't around yesterday, I accidentally posted this cool link twice. I still feel really bad about it. As penance, I made this video for you: [media=''] [/media]
  16. Whoa, harsh. V cold post. It's like. Ber man
  17. People eat banana peels!? (accidental double post) (Great work nh. Standing a little tall in the PLR leaderboards. Just look at 'im. He doesn't give an f!)
  18. What the fuck is this shit
  19. these are the only jeffys my mom lets me look at
  20. It was 'puppeteer' or 'garnish on a summer berry flavored cocktail'
  21. The 2015 MacArthur Fellows aka "Genius Grants" have been announced, be sure to check the list posted on the hall bulletin board to see if you got chosen for $500,000 over 5 years: Patrick Awuah, education entrepreneur Kartik Chandran, environmental engineer Ta-Nehisi Coates, journalist, blogger, and memoirist Gary Cohen, environmental health advocate Matthew Desmond, sociologist at Harvard University William Dichtel, chemist at Cornell University Michelle Dorrance, tapdancer and choreographer Nicole Eisenman, painter honlads, podcast forums contributer LaToya Ruby Frazier, photographer and video artist Ben Lerner, writer Mimi Lien, set designer Lin-Manuel Miranda, playwright Dimitri Nakassis, classicist at the University of Toronto John Novembre, computational biologist Christopher Ré, computer scientist Marina Rustow, historian Juan Salgado, Chicago-based community leader Beth Stevens, neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School Lorenz Studer, stem-cell biologist at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Alex Truesdell, designer Basil Twist, puppeteer Ellen Bryant Voigt, poet Heidi Williams, economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Peidong Yang, inorganic chemist
  22. I'd love for Hayes and the Spoonman to "Mass' Out" on either of their shows. Until then I'm stuck for the rare Bozos - ronnie hog convo around these parts to hear Twosuch 'Chusetts (Also Sean on Doughboys I just don't get to talk geography specifics with that line of thoughts)
  23. Steve you dolt Wiger has already been on (ep 44)