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  1. Greggy please "go in" on MaxFun
  2. Doughboys is so great Muffie. People with food guilt tend to be the ones that really get into it based off my experience. Although it is fun to play along at home. I also don't listen to the Bone Zone cause they called the best boys 'bitches' and 'fucking losers' and 'fucking idiots.' but the guy Chelsea Peretti gives so many shouts out to can't be all bad
  3. It's Howard and his most maniacal talking into his phone. Relistening to the Doughboys Carl Jr ep and who is this writing into the Feedbag? Well, Joe Lerini of course. Sorry about your sandwich pal.
  4. Well Steve, Hey Gang is a replacement for Two Charted which is the second Who Charted show of the week. It is just another version of Who Charted's Friday show in addition to the normal Wednesday episodes. Probably skip it unless you really like Howard or hearing Hayes get compliments
  5. Mookie, it's a pleasure. As a longtime teammate of Dominic Wilkins , can you please describe ways he lived up to the name "The Human Highlight Reel" off the court, if any? PS: my parents once shared an elevator with Dom in the Georgia Dome. Edit: Son of a bitch
  6. Mook: Favorite Pearl Jam album?
  7. Hi Mookie, Was Stacy Augmon as annoyed by your Michael Jackson impression as Rob Delaney? Hope it wasn't a catastrophe
  8. You folks hear Howard say he thought the Hayes ep of Whooch was one of the best ever on today's Hey Gang? It's not just us that have Haye Fever lol
  9. I love Doug Loves Movies and Doug as a guest on stuff. He makes me laugh a lot, especially when he's in the moment and away from prepared bits. I also like hearing his opinion on movies. Would love Sean and Hayes on DLM I think both our boys would kill on there. To those of you with some kind of harsh thoughts on particular podcasts, I recently unsubscribed from a couple and it feels great! Don't listen to shows you don't like, no one will ever know!
  10. Great opinions Muffie, the CBB one mirrors my own, except I think Drunk Chanson should have Live Boofed his experience. "for each Like this post gets I'll go deeper in the alphabet with my technique"
  11. The Champs is great! My favorite ep is Danny Brown but I think 5xOs likes the older ones. There are some crazy stories on this show! And it's truly thought provoking and hilarious. I think Moshe and Neal recommend the Blake Griffin ones when they're asked about it
  12. Soupy you and I are two villains kicking back in an empty saloon right now. Who knew we still hurt like the heroes
  13. Souprman talk to me when an employee of Earwolf tells you you're full of shit. Your link was kid stuff bro. Anyway I'm sorry that happened if you like we can talk shit about Spont, and not just its bad logo and name.
  14. Great posts about bugs, great episode with a particularly great preguest segment. Call me the food at Arby's cause I'm in a good mood
  15. Hey Allan, When a recipe calls for buttermilk, it's so much easier to find the low fat version at the store. Is the added richness from the full-fat version worth running around town for?
  16. JP have any recommendations for cream sodas? My favorite rapper/artist/person (not a joke) Danny Brown likes to drink lean in cream soda flavor Faygo, could I make these substitutions?
  17. I'm more of a Dierkes head, and I remember a collaborator that brought me to my Kneis.
  18. Congrats on the multiple Pistol Shrimps shoutsout! And Doughboys. And the first post in this thread. Dan are you Visa cause you're everywhere I want to be Dan are you Vista cause your codename is Longhorn
  19. omg you guys got to meet Marcus Smart!? He's well known for friendly fan interactions.
  20. Oh man. I was thinking 11am 'Nohorseman time' #est-problems #ed-problems