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  1. Tron doe is your service gardening themed and named Trowel
  2. It appears today that Midroll/Earwolf confirmed premium RSS feeds are 'on the road map.' I've so been clamoring for that show to come back in addition to this great show! tanks but YES tanks
  3. 9 came out in 2009. A rag doll that awakens in a postapocalyptic future holds the key to humanity's salvation.
  4. I just bought a new TV to listen to podcasts on because my roommate moved away and I didn't have one. They're pretty expensive, got this big lunk set up. Apparently large LED TVs are notorious for having 'uneven' backlighting that I had read about while researching but really having no idea what the hell this would mean. What it does mean is that for example when your Roku is putting up an all black-screen as a screen saver or your watching your pirated copy of mostly-taking-place-at-night-time Evil Dead (original), it doesn't look solid black but kind of splotchy. I start to notice this one spot in particular that stays bright when the screen is supposed to be black, about the size of a saucer but not perfectly round, kind of reminiscent of a slice of ham more, do some googling, and it's an LED TV flaw called "flashlighting" -- called this cause it looks like someone is shining a flashlight on the screen. Probably means the unit was shipped improperly or was just messed up. It's caused by the LED array separating from.. I don't really know. No real way to fix it except for replace the unit. Some harebrained television forums weirdos mention that massaging the area seems to work, but not always and results are really sparse. This sucks. This thing was 700 bucks. I threw away the box before I noticed. I do still have the receipt, at least. I start thinking about how I'm gonna claim on the warranty. This whole process takes a few days because I'm terribly lazy about stuff like this and put off annoying phone calls and paperwork. See horror stories of manufacturers refusing to replace because this usually chalks up to a shipping issue. Before I start going through the paperwork, I walk up to the set with the Roku screensaver. This fuckin spot. Soo annoying. All the guests that come over to watch TV with me are gonna judge me (this never happens. The guests coming over part). I remember the weird post about massaging the area, they say grab a clean cloth and press on the area. Fuck I don't want to go get a cloth. I just start smushing my TV screen, barehanded. ...it works!! I massaged a solution into my life. What other amazing feats can I accomplish with my abilities!?? Anyway, thanks random television internet forums. I hope some of my forums posts from my months in here help out a lazy anonymous internet stranger. EDIT hmm a couple of minutes and no likes on this post. Here is a cute video so I will be sure not to know if any future likes are for the long interesting story or the nice video. My favorite part is the borzoi which is not a spoiler. I really hope this guy gave the nice good boys and girls the treat after [media=''] [/media]
  5. It is great you should absolutely listen to it. I stand by it being very funny the whole way through and I would be delighted to discuss it in specific detail Plus my friend Spunky has a nice popcorn gallery question in it
  6. How long were you Mullen' that one over?
  7. Footnotes? Sounds like Quentin Tarantino's sex journal lolol
  8. How do footnotes work in audio format?
  9. FEI (for everyone's info{information}) Engineer Brett is ridin' Tim / Andy / Greggy's wave of popularity over on /r/earwolf w/(with) an AMA (ask me anything)
  10. just when I thought my Tazz crotch bit was defining the thread
  11. Every time I see the abbreviation 'TWB' I think of the sound Hollywood tells me an arrow going into a target makes. TWBBBBB.. "Call me Jesse Thorn on NPR, baby. Bullseye."
  12. This is big time! [media=''] [/media]
  13. Adda(mantium) boy! Finally a post that computes in my viBRAINium
  14. He also has a not-tanned spot right around his nose and mouth area. Maybe he goes to the tanning bed in a Mickey Mouse cosplay, where the false nose and small shorts block the UV rays? EDIT: I'm talkin this nose: and these shorts:
  15. What do you think about the crotch? I was hoping to start a discussion not receive compliments. Uh, it's always like this..
  16. I put that pic up only for Andy Dick Cheney and Bozos's 'entertainment' (likes, I want their likes).. but now I keep lookin' at his crotch and it is so strange-looking. It looks like a sexy lady's one piece swimsuit the way that photo is cropped. Look at that thing.
  17. I think it stands for your posts today: Really Solid Stuff
  18. congrats on the PCG question, and it's fun for you and I to do bits, but please tell me you've heard all of Reality Show Show? It is so so good. I already did my joke reply but I can't stop thinking about this. So good I can break my "always on" hilarious forums persona to encourage everyone to listen.
  19. RSS is Rich Site Summary and it's what your precious little iTunes is actually collecting and downloading from for you, iTunes doesn't actually host shit
  20. Everyone is all 'Wow Tom is back only 5 episodes later!' no one was like this when Dominic Dierkis was on the Live Employees ep (72) then Scuzzman (77). Where was your surprise then!? Or when Andy fuck*n Kneis was on Jarrad Paul (62) and who's this in Ep 64 Listeners our close friends, only TWO episodes later? Know your fuck*ng history you plebeians. And kiss my ass while you're at it. EDIT and just for fun since none of you know shit about this show, Patrick Walsh has the biggest gap between Sean and Hayes visits, with 120 episodes between his RSS Ep. 12 Appearance and Ep. 93 HH.
  21. I love shouts out to the Nick Thune ep, your favorite and mine
  22. Quavo, Takeoff, n Offset