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  1. Everyone is all 'Wow Tom is back only 5 episodes later!' no one was like this when Dominic Dierkis was on the Live Employees ep (72) then Scuzzman (77). Where was your surprise then!? Or when Andy fuck*n Kneis was on Jarrad Paul (62) and who's this in Ep 64 Listeners our close friends, only TWO episodes later? Know your fuck*ng history you plebeians. And kiss my ass while you're at it. EDIT and just for fun since none of you know shit about this show, Patrick Walsh has the biggest gap between Sean and Hayes visits, with 120 episodes between his RSS Ep. 12 Appearance and Ep. 93 HH.
  2. I love shouts out to the Nick Thune ep, your favorite and mine
  3. Quavo, Takeoff, n Offset
  4. I'm moving across town this week. Is there any reason I shouldn't sell my Xbox 360 + games and all my DVDs for like the 25 bucks I'd get for them? I haven't touched them in a really long time.
  5. May I? https://twitter.com/...atus/2554608773 Found that by googlin' 'kevin smith taint' which was a v risky endeavor
  6. If you had a couple more percent on your battery life thejjar you'd have been a lock for a Popular Star. And certainly if you waited 44 minutes for the screenshot
  7. Jeepers the ad was worth every penny. /r/earwolf had a bona fide celebrity show up only moments ago to do an AMA
  8. My lyrics are very somber She thinks she's gaming but comes on too strong The brothers lovers podcast Audrey has always felt like she doesn't belong the brother lovers podcast Please subscribe on iTunes Here is the song for you dummies up there doing beat poetry
  9. SteveH if you are going to be an HH fan you're going to have to stir the pot, stir every pot. Every pot is risotto now and if you don't stir it, it will ruin. Then you'll have nasty burnt up rice and what will Sean and Hayes do Saturday mornings anymore? Buck up pal, we like you with a spine. Also Kittens you have a very convincing case here. I thought there was something 'funny' about that movie Ted, and I knew it wasn't the script!!
  10. Hi gang: Today's topic: What's your Taco Bell order?

    1. Jakal



  11. Julie Klausner is desperate to get on the best show. @julieklausner/status/623867664482594818
  12. Aww what's wrong, boo? Your pork belly curry at lunch wasn't locally sourced and nut finished?
  13. "Great post.. man." -Karl Malone, lead actor of the English language remake of Il Postino
  14. And these frickin' bigwigs at Marc MarONSANTO get these big, overly sweet, nutrient-devoid monocultured podcast guests-- I just want some old fashioned, organic, geimhos. The government's episode information is obviously so skewed by lobbys, I mean Serial grains are the bottom of the pyramid!? Cavemen didn't listen to that stuff, and uh... they did just fine.
  15. Now these geimho s I can get behind, they don't fill my body full of toxins!
  16. Great get, Walsh is one of America's Most Wanted podcast guests
  17. nohorseman

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    Oh VBC? That's a pervasive and well-known acronym you should have considered using
  18. nohorseman

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    HH forums need but 50ish more replies to overtake CBB. So here's a total non-sequitur question, also I've been dieting and am obsessed with food: What's the best sandwich you can get in the city that you live in? Or perhaps what is your city's signature sandwich? Kentucky does a sort of strange thing where they make a redneck version of Turkey Divan and put it over toast in a little dish. It's called a hot brown based off this hotel that 'invented it' and it's pretty good. Although I don't eat them often. I don't really even eat sandwiches all that often, most of the places around here are chains. I had a really good patty melt off a food truck a couple of years ago and I'm still talking about it though.
  19. nohorseman

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    Joe my favorite Shakespeare is probably Henry V. I'd also ask my pal Hank for 750 mL of alcohol by shouting the name of the play
  20. nohorseman

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    Hey Blink... with your habits, I thought you might say 'pepperoni and cheese!' Just havin a lil fun
  21. nohorseman

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    fuck dude can I tell mom I'm staying over at your house? Can your big sis pretend to be your mom or somethin? Cause you know she'll call bro
  22. nohorseman

    #1 Handsome Boy Contest

    You'd be a whole lot prettier if you'd smile once in a while babe
  23. nohorseman

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    We just got burned by one of the best. And folks thought Jack was the only fellow on fire. Often imitated, never duplicated: Chanson. The Pacific North West, and I do mean Kanye and Kim's boy. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth and Nick Thune at his church camp.
  24. nohorseman

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    I'd like to see you just try and hit that Caps Lock key when she posts a drawing. The real lingering question this season is if Bozos can be expected to keep popping off these 30+ likers every post. #bz30