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    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    I'm onto you guys. Spunky's talk of thin ice is all viral marketing for Sean's new Clarence Birdseye inspired content. "Chillin' is my business, and business is goood." Or is this a codename for the new midwest Wolfcool studios here in Kentucky?
  2. nohorseman

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    Great job everyone! Chandlerbing.com excluded everyone has a lot of restraint and plays straight very well when appearing on the show and I'm proud to call you all my friends. Right? 70-ish middling-to-dull posts = friendship, right? Anastasia I thought your bondage goof was top notch and my only complaint with the whole show is that it didn't get more play. I suppose Hayes and Sean, despite your bringing them exotic flavors, literally and figuratively, are vanilla boys at heart. I thought I'd take to time to hop aboard the missed opportunity riff train: Ball-gag-point pen
  3. nohorseman

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    Adam is Asteck
  4. The thread is on its last few breaths, I have a few suggestions, things I will keep suggesting until they come into existence: Chelsea Peretti on HH. Sean and Hayes on Who Charted. And a new one from me: everyone should watch World of Tomorrow, an animated short film from Sundance about which folks are rightfully atwitter See you next time I decide to continue these passive campaigns! ilu
  5. I've lived here for my whole life and haven't been! I need to. What did you think?
  6. The ASAP Rocky / aarabMuzick tape that fell apart
  7. Good choice! I gotta go Obfcl2 man I needed that record when it came out
  8. nohorseman

    Sean and Hayes - Ads on Comedy Bang Bang

    I have the list of episodes, is all: http://hollywoodhandbook.wikia.com/wiki/Sean_Clements#Earwolf_.28with_Hayes_Davenport.29
  9. How bout all this nickel and diming with health care professionals these days in Obama's America, huh gang? Why just the other day I was sitting in the well side of the waiting room for my general practitioner for a camp checkup, when I got a little frog in my throat. Figuratively speaking, of course! So I made like DJ Kool and cleared it! Oh the glares I received. Hours later (Waiting rooms, amirite?), clean bill of health! So I goes to square MY bill, and when I saw the itemized ticket, my eyes almost bugged out of my head! I don't know if it was from that waiting room incident or when ol Doc checked me for hernias, let's just say... I don't much care for Cough Fees!
  10. I don't drink coffee often although I like it. I'd say my favorite way to consume coffee is when espresso is absorbed by lady fingers and surrounded by marscapone in tiramasu! I buy caffeine pills and love Diet Dr. Pepper and Coke Zero
  11. With pleasure http://forum.earwolf.com/topic/23811-episode-90-%e2%80%94-brian-huskey-our-live-friend/page__view__findpost__p__156056 There was another timely post in that thread that got a healthy dose of likes that might interest you http://forum.earwolf.com/topic/23811-episode-90-%e2%80%94-brian-huskey-our-live-friend/page__view__findpost__p__156005
  12. Speaking of enraged straight man: Supreme Court? Does that mean it comes with tomatoes and sour cream!?
  13. I respect everyone's opinion, but I like the Mary Holland episode best.
  14. Hat tips get fat lips, better watch that beautiful head of hair of yours, Agata (I'm just saying this because I thought of the rhyme and I looove sum41. Great hair btw)
  15. Scott Aukerman mentioned the show in his AMA and it's weird the pride I feel for this little listening magazine: Dweebie69: "Has the success of any podcasts on the EarWolf network surprised you? Did you think any podcasts would be less successful than they were?" Scott: "no, everything's been cool! I think most shows could be even MORE successful - i was glad Hollywood Handbook has started to raise its profile. We felt that podcasts would just get bigger and bigger, and were pleased to find out we were right." Edit: he did it again, son of a gun won't shut up about em: 2dumb4forumZ: "Hey Choctaw, would you ever consider doing a podcast to recap/discuss Big Brother or The Bachelor(ette)?" Scott: "as much as i like watching those, i unfortunately think the podcast would have limited appeal. The Hollywood Handbook guys found that out, when they stopped doing the Reality Show Show.'
  16. Guess it's time for me to throw away my unpopped question: "Hi Tom, You did some work with Titus Andronicus. Was it hard trying to re-imagine what some people consider Shakespeare's worst play as a musical? Would you please sing the show-stopping refrain from "Right-Hand Man" performed when Aaron tricks Titus into cutting off his left hand?"
  17. If you can't stand the pressure, get out of the autoclave. Just like the song "Autoclave" by the Mountain Goats off the album Heretic Pride! I bet if a host of the show happened to like that band they'd get a real charge out of this reference.
  18. They're brought on at about 2 hours 1 minute, but don't say a whole lot until towards the end. I believe they were a little nervous, although Hayes's background laughter was a welcome spice. They however get in a groove at the end and bring the house down. I was very proud.
  19. Who has a fresh signature, filled to the brim with Big Brother 17 notes that at best might make you blow air out of your nose a single time in amusement? That's right it's me.
  20. Bozos, baby, you've done it again.
  21. Happy July, gang!
  22. He was on in the two birthday boys ep, and did wonderfully! Unless you mean you'd like him to have a solo ep, in which case "I do think so!"
  23. When Hayes was in New York I was scared it was for a job interview.. what if he got the job out there in the Windy City!? And it is the last show?
  24. bits from the show should mostly be on reddit, and it is not-so-bad over there. Question this again and I'll summon StanSitwell
  25. This reminds me! A new submission for a Popcorn Gallery theme: [media=''] [/media]