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  1. This reminds me! A new submission for a Popcorn Gallery theme: [media=''] [/media]
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    New to the forums

    Hi DrPhilYouUp! It's fun to find people to discuss podcasts with, and some of the original groupies can be intimidating. Luckily, the Earwolf forums's Golden Boy has anticipated your concerns! This document has rocketed me to a solid Likes-to-Post ratio of over 4! You too can have this success to with those simple steps
  3. Brett >> Eban > jam bands
  4. Hey Gang, Have you all heard about this handsome gorilla? If you haven't please don't look it up just yet, and if you have, please don't look at pictures again, so you're fresh. I read an article about this handsome gorrilla in Japan, and let me just tell you, did he ever look very good looking. I wonder if this is the power of suggestion? I would like to conduct an experiment. Please tell me which gorilla you think is the most handsome of these now feel free to check out the article about dear dear Shabari
  5. My running BB thoughts, should any one care to read them. I'll update this little Evernote from my phone when I watch so should be a permanent address assuming looking at Evernote is passable. I have only seen a lot of season one when it aired and couldn't tell you the first thing about it. http://bit.do/nohorsebb no scratch that, I made a whole tumblr for them: http://shelltownshuffle.tumblr.com/
  6. I'm dieting and have been a little grumpy about stuff I normally love, but HH is immune to this. This week's ep was so joyful. Sincerely, Tom Scharpling
  7. Yesterday I complained about ill prepared wedding speeches, now I would like to suggest people make wedding playlists with some perspective. "Getting Jiggy With It" at a wedding between 24 year olds? In the age of Beyonce and Miguel and even Justin Timberlake if we're going top 40 from more than 5 years ago? Also no one including me knows the Electric Slide any more, seeing white people half remember it and attempt it is torture. Did you know there's a Cha Cha Slide with the beat to Bringin Sexy Back now? And that it makes it worse? However I tried to be a good sport and may have went the lowest of all when Mr. C wondered aloud if we could get down low
  8. The thread is a little slow so I thought I'd pop by to continue my The Secret protocol: Love to have Chelsea Peretti guest on this little show. Unrelated, I learned the easy way if you're invited to a wedding rehearsal dinner, prepare a speech! I was just the date, but boy there were some bad sounds coming off many cuffs Much love gang!
  9. Had fun in the hangout gang. You're a funny and welcoming and good looking lot
  10. Yes I would like to drop by the hangout too
  11. Hi Erin, Sean did whole podcast about how he loves Mountain' Goats. Which animal do you like to hump?
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIGMUAMevH0 Also I would like to hear your's please
  13. Hi Erin, I was hoping you'd weigh in on this whole Sun Kill Moon controversy. Do you think sun will be convicted?
  14. nohorseman

    EPISODE 236.5 — 6/12/15 TWO CHARTED 175

    I speculate that there will be some changes to the format of Whooch proper! Every specific thing I write comes off as critical which I do NOT want to do, so I just think we're in for a format tweak. Adding Stard formally would be lovely, although I don't mind the Ramhand or Summah of Sam eps in the least. I hope we keep the two eps a week format though! Twooch is soo great!
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    EPISODE 236 — Disrupted Harmonies

    Jerry Minor
  16. "Aw c'mon, I told ya he wouldn't come!" lowercase g whined, rubbing his hands together for warmth. "He'll show." Cobra Pentecost said gruffly, flipping a tech deck half-mindendly between his deft fingers. The two were only lit by the light from a flickering street light diffusing through the thick midnight fog, and lowercase g's Samsung Galaxy Note screen. The screen is so large yet still such a high resolution. It buzzed intermittingly as the two's patience continued to wane. They were group texts from most of the other gang members: Gremlack Prunk, Bozo Baggins, Hardall Knight, Stone Face/Entire Body Killa. The notifications increased; the gang was eager for this rendezvous. I didn't know all their names. I had only signed up for the forums like a few episodes ago so I was really trying to piece this all together. Also, would my overuse of adverbs in that second paragraph cost me some likes? I was just trying to set a fuckin scene. Editing the wiki didn't have this much pressure... My gaze shifted from the rearview I had been watching the two in. I took a drag on my rad fuckin vape rig and exhaled. The entire cab of the 1975 Pinto Wagon filled with the sweet vapor. I turned the keys in the ignition and flipped on the lights of the car. lowercase g noticed the red lights from the taillights and elbowed Cobra as they turned. One of the taillights didn't work because I had a hatchet hanging out of it. I had painstakingly restored this ride to match the one Rob Corddry had in episode 24. And yeah, I fucked it. My large heavily modified vape rig hung from my lips. "Nnnaaya kee i werrr" I called to them, leaning on the back bumper now. "The fuck did you just say!?" Cobra growled. As they advanced down the narrow alleyway, lowercase g dragged his claws along the bricks. I steeled myself from cringing. Cobra kicked an aluminum trashcan lid. I hid my flinch by very cooly bumping my fist downards onto the trunk. It rose, dramatically. Big ol puff. Exhale. The gold light emitting from the trunk illuminating my massive rad vapor cloud. "I said," pointing the mouthpiece to the pair as they stopped just inside the ring of light from the trunk. "Nevada keeps his word." "Now I heard you and your little friendos wanted some mods?" I said in the Adam DeVine voice from episode 19. I was new in town, but I've heard their goddamn show. I wrote the lion's share of the fuckin wiki on it. "Oh hell yeah!!" lowercase g cried, excitedly rushing forward to try and get a peek at the wares. Cobra snatched at him, chiding him. "You know commercially available vape pens leave a lot to be desired," Cobra muttered. Flp flp went the tech deck. Flp flp fl. The deck didn't catch in his fingers like normal. Did I have them rattled? "There are two types of mods, regulator mods and mechanical mods. You lot probably want the regulators," I grabbed the blue plastic container from the trunk without turning my back on them. Their reputation preceded them. "These are a lot safer than the mechanical mods, but is probably a big step up from the e-cigarettes--" lowercase g scoffed audibly at the mention "and even vape pens." "No." Cobra scowled. "I-- guys, You can't mean. The mechanical mods. They're not for sale" "Those are the ones we want." *** I explained the difference between an RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) and RBA (rebuildable atomizer), the most obvious benefits of an RBA over an RDA being that you can use it all day long without having to constantly add ejuice. RBAs have a tank that you can fill with ejuice so you can vape for longer periods of time between refills. An RDA requires that you drip the ejuice onto the wicks to vape. The biggest benefit of using an RDA is that you can easily switch flavors. This is a big benefit for those that have e-juice “flavor ADD”, or those testing out new flavors. Some say that you can actually get better flavor from an RDA, but most people say that the flavor you get out of an RDA is very similar to an RBA, because they are essentially very similar in functionality. The only difference is that RBAs have tank for ejuice. They nodded knowingly. I've given this talk before, to forum gangs all over the continent. Lurkers. Gang bangers. I knew how to handle myself. Didn't make no difference to me. They bought my whole stock. *** "Ya know, Nevada, if we like your product, we mays or may not be recruitin'" lowercase g mentioned as they moved to exit the alley the way they had entered. "Ha. Ya see, a guy like me? I'm a businessman. An independent contractor. Think of me... like the Collector from the end of Guardians of the Galaxy. And uh.. Thor 2 wasn't it? Yeah they gave him Loki's staff or some shit. " I started laughing softly as lowercase g looked up at Cobra, utterly befuddled. Everyone jumps at the chance to go 'goyle. I took a puff off my Advanced Personal Vaporizer or APV. "wha wha wha" they stammered. I kept inhaling. Big ol massive inhale. I was in choir in high school so I knew about breathing with the diaphragm. Feel your chest and stomach expand. I bellowed the massive cloud of vapor. The two dang lightweights started couging as the exhaust from the Pinto mingled with it as I peeled out of the alleyway back onto the streets. I had to go argue with StanSitwell in the Who Charted forums about hip hop. ....They'll be back EDIT: o ya lowercase g should be Harv'd Lamb-Poon now. Guess greggy changed his GGBZ name from the episode 45 days
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    EPISODE 236 — Disrupted Harmonies

    Ah I see what you mean! I think those are generally called 'ad libs.' They can be grating for sure. I had a bit of trouble getting into Chance because I found them annoying. But I listened to the new ASAP Rocky without looking at the track list for features and got so excited when I heard Schoolboy Q's signature ad lib early in a song. I think of them as kind of a purely vocal means to separate yourself and develop a sound, like a rock guitarist like The Edge has his delay pedal or the Stones a signature fuzz sound. But yeah Fetty Wap's are nondescript, but it's average pop music. As far as connecting to kind of "dumb" hip hop like this, it's just the bravado and energy that's so infectious. Like how people that like metal or harder rock say it makes you want to run through a brick wall, hip hop makes you want to swagger and bob around to it. It's interesting to think about it more intellectually about what kind of self esteem and image issues a hip hop artist has to deal with as a part of that culture. Caveat I'm white and male and nerdy so I really hope Andrew Ti doesn't get ahold of this bad boy EDIT: I bet you'd enjoy the much more artful ASAP Rocky song "Excuse Me" that Howard and Kulap liked last Twooch. Mentioning it because it showed up on the podcast, has sort of dumb lyrics, ASAP 'sings' his own hook and has the signature flourish of the screwed voice. The beat is pretty different though, but it's a less radio friendly song from sort of similar inspirations
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    The Eric Andre Show of Podcasts

    Sean and Hayes are indeed the notorious bad boys of comedy podcasts. And they're not shy to reveal the nature of their.. certain.. attribute. That men who are... endowed... in a certain way... Aren't particularly.... Shy about.
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    EPISODE 236 — Disrupted Harmonies

    If you said this in the 70s you could be talking about the Sex Pistols and the Ramones. Plus how many Beatles songs have yeah or no sang in a catchy way? Genres and hip hop and pop music among them change and shift. Everything that happened in rock music creatively is happening in hip hop, at an accelerated pace. When is the last time you listened to your city's new rock station? Rock and roll is dead except for like War on Drugs, Black Keys, or bands from the early 00s that are still putting stuff out. I don't love this song in particular but I think it's pleasant sounding with a nice energy. I do however like autotune and bad voiced rap singing, with Young Thug and Kevin Gates etc. And less so but still enjoyable the dumb young artist shouty stuff with Rae Sremmurd and OG Mako and Migos but I think it's great fun. This song takes those two trends and makes a song where it can be played on the radio, thus chart topping! Plus, like most modern hip hop, it's whatever Kanye or Wayne/Drake and to a lesser extent Lil B did several years ago that gets popular.
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    EPISODE 236 — Disrupted Harmonies

    Oo Stan. I'd have to say you're, well, a bit of a curmudgeon! Butdum all joking a salad, your name 'Stan'... Four letters.. Four Washington Lane! The white house! Can't wait to hear from you next ONNNN the forums.. Where Hollywood Handbook fans are the only people that quote their hosts affectations!
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    EPISODE 236 — Disrupted Harmonies

    You know who shows up when booked? Sean and Hayes. Let's try that soon!
  22. You're the puppet master behind the scenes of these past two eps Spenn and I'm ON TO YOU. PS this is a v good thread today I'm happy I realized I had to verify an e-mail to get involved here
  23. http://podsurvey.com/hollywood
  24. Get well soon Hayes! First you were in New York and I missed you and now you're a bit "Under the weather." (Guys I think he got bit by big New York rat with a gruff accent and one of those x-shaped band aids)
  25. "Scoop Troop," "Wolfcool." Anything at all.