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  1. You're the puppet master behind the scenes of these past two eps Spenn and I'm ON TO YOU. PS this is a v good thread today I'm happy I realized I had to verify an e-mail to get involved here
  2. http://podsurvey.com/hollywood
  3. Get well soon Hayes! First you were in New York and I missed you and now you're a bit "Under the weather." (Guys I think he got bit by big New York rat with a gruff accent and one of those x-shaped band aids)
  4. "Scoop Troop," "Wolfcool." Anything at all.
  5. Daddy wants "Ben Schwartz Again, Our Close Friend"
  6. What happened to your baked goods picture, Game of Scones?
  7. I'm sorry about that kittens. I haven't spoken to you directly before but I was happy to hear about your increasing hair length. My hair is freshly longer now after a couple of years of growing it, and there was a lot to learn about caring for long hair when it has been short your whole life. I am trying to grow it into the Erica
  8. I'm working on the wiki entry for this ep, doing some research... THERE IS A SHRIMP FRITTATA! ON THE FRICKIN' MENU AT NORMA'S AT THE PARKER! Even us little dweebies out here just members of the Popcorn Gallery can travel to Palm Springs and get it, have a few rounds on the bocce court. Cause I couldn't drop Sean's name around there. Boy do I love the Rat Pack and Norma's.
  9. Do you remember when Feeby came back from seeing her cousin Neil and his lovely wife's child? She said he was a great baby and even better second cousin (I speculate that Neil was Feeby's father's sister's son, making them first cousins, although many F.R.I.E.N.D.S. F.I.E.N.D.S. condemn this as a continuity error as this was never established. The episode was attributed to fan-hated writer Michael Borkow {Bore Cow!} although I never thought his episodes were that bad, plus he was said to bring bagels to the writer's room), to which Ian says "Now that's what I call a Neil's son rating!"
  10. Someone says to you "You're dunross" : do you interpret this as brand of sports card or career prediction after appearing on this show ? EDIT: I ugh just looked this great joke up and it's definitely Donruss not Dunross.
  11. I'm a little disappointed with my first ever submitted Popcorn Q. I've spent some time, gathered my thoughts, and I think I'm ready for a second crack at it: "Hi Ross, any tips on how I might acquire some attire with costs that aren't higher?"
  12. Hi Ross, you were a restaurant patron on Days of our Lives. What was crafty like on that set?
  13. Lydon, my dear boy, these are excellent. I'm sorry I took Abbi, I'd love it, should she consent, for you and I to each take a cheek and lay a polite dry kissy on there, same timesies. Mad Men is also a great choice for TV show and I wish I had picked it now.
  14. I'm a #newboy, but I'd like to play along! I'd also like to retype them to avoid all the U's in favorite Favorite episode: Mary Holland or Zoe Jarman Favorite film: Wild Strawberries (Houston took Royal Tenenbaums that's what I'd probably say if I wasn't trying to look cool) Favorite TV Show: Mr Seinfeld Favorite Band: Danny Brown Favorite City: Charleston SC Red or Turquoise: Turq baby Famous person you'd give a kiss on the cheek: Abbi Glazer Favorite number out of 70: 4.20 Joe and Tim's Celeb Couple Name: Joetim Noah
  15. Added it, daddy. We're doing it in detail one ep at a time so we're on episode 12. Everything past that should probably be considered "in progress." Maybe I should add a contstruction-themed animated gif? So everyone don't be offended if you're currently left out, we will get around to you! Also feel free to add it yourself don't be too proud. Or tell me to do it like true Wiki-father Andrew
  16. nohorseman

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    Checked the posts from yesterday, guess Scott didn't need popcorn gallery questions this week :/ EDIT: StanSitwell, how do you get into the funny zone?
  17. I'm quite proud that the Hollywood Handbook wiki is getting more and more robust by the day. I'd say it's pretty solid at identifying an episode by searching if you're ever stumped, and will be ridiculously overly detailed in a few months if the re-listen we're in the process of doing maintains its momentum. Here are the annotations from the best-of Ep. 84, although I'm sure many of you already know this stuff. It's pretty fun to go down the rabbit hole based off this ep though, there are transcripts of the Spider-man short story for example. There are also 23 Earwolf forum users pages so far, basically if you had a popcorn gallery question or pro version in the first 11 episodes (so far) you're in there baby. Please contribute if you want! There is likely enough of a framework that you can add stuff to your favorite episodes, or the guest pages, or forums users, or whatever. You don't even need an account. Also does anyone know who Erica Thompson is? Hayes suggests that Ellie Kemper sing about her, did she used to have a different account name on here? I'm usually good at figuring out things on the order of hugLife now being Inner G' and the like but I'm stumped on this one
  18. nohorseman

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    You... you think he hates it?
  19. nohorseman

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    Sean said farmy brat once before. What you're calling in-jokes is what I'd say is just a manner of speaking in character. Like Traci Reardon's lisp, ALW's British-isms and altered pronunciations, Dalton Wilcox's "goddamn." I guess "Speak on that" is kind of a catchphrase but that isn't dissimilar to normal CBB characters. Heck even Scott has stylish rhythms of speaking. "I've heard of ___ but ___!?" "I guess that ____ is, well, a bit of a ____"
  20. nohorseman

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    If you liked the script read, and I'm sure you did, perhaps check out the Paul Scheer and B.J. Novak eps (as folks indeed said earlier). If you liked this, you'd like any of 'em though it's v consistent
  21. nohorseman

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    I liked it when Hayes referenced Junebug the movie and only Sean laughed. I was looking at its IMDB and Matt Besser was in it too. I'm from Kentucky and Will Oldham a.k.a. Bonnie Prince Billy was in that movie and we always thought it would be funny if we saw him (he lives in Louisville) to tell him we loved him in Junebug because he was in it for a couple of seconds and then my friend did it one night. So I guess you can say I'm into alt comedy. Anyway this was a great episode of a great podcast and everyone is so funny.
  22. She is great at characs. The Vegetarian Robot, Curious Latina, Kaslida. That's actually a good point though. My main reason for wanting her on HH is that being a Hollywood big shot is one of her favorite things to play up on her own podcast and twitter, "Is this relatable?" etc. Plus I think she'd get a real charge out of S&H. Alas, maybe CBB isn't the ideal place for it
  23. holy smokes a pro version subscriber acknowledged me
  24. Chelsea Peretti is my dream guest on HH proper but I'll take it any way I can get it