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  1. Shelby Fero diesel! Starts 'round 7:20
  2. I'll update with time stamps that I don't have: "Garfield is a nnasty cat" from the Donald Glover ep (starts round 7:50) Toro y Moist mentioned it before but: Sean's vocal warm-up from "Sean and Hayes Our Closest Friends" (6:22 -8:06) Hayes's Anna Kendrick Bat Capture from "Jason Mantzoukus" (17" in) Sean and Hayes win Buzzfeed's Top 10 Celebrites you want to see do a big kissy (Zoe Jarman; 2:56-11:33) Gil Ozeri ep. The wiki pays off for the first time for yours truly
  3. A while ago Andrew here posted a link to a google docs page to start detailing this show. Slayner (who was mercilessly owned back on the Jarrad Paul ep), myself, and several other losers on reddit.com/r/hollywoodhandbook have been working on the Hollywood Handbook Wikia page, based off Andrew's document. It's at the point now where it's JUST barely useful-- every episode has its own page, and every segment mentioned in Earwolf synopses has a page and cross links. The saddest part was deleting Hayes as a host on the Scuzzman ep . Every guest that appears multiple times has a shell of a page too. Useful if you wanted to know when Eh Wrong or Teaser Freezer segments happened, how many episode titles start with J (13) We started yesterday there on that subreddit in relistening to every ep and updating the wiki in detail as we go. Check out the Jake Johnson ep page to see what we came up with yesterday, it'd be pretty powerful if they all looked like that. And it's wild how many in-jokes started right in the first ep (although I last few Reality Show Shows helped get them going) I've got today's ep started too, so we can start burning the candle from both ends. Add the stuff you remember from today if you want. Feel free to join us over in the flyover state of reddit or add whatever you want to the wiki. Based on the Google doc, I started a whole Forum user category, so if you've been on the show in some capacity you can make you own page anonymously and no one will ever know.