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  1. nohorseman

    Episode 243 - Jordan Morris, Our Sci-Fi Friend

    won't post again in this thread until it's marked as "hot" see ya maybe suckas
  2. are these guys for real
  3. nohorseman

    Episode 241 - Live from Onionfest

    seeing some ads around town for Jurassic World 2. Heh. World 2 is starting to sound kinda nice with some of the stuff going on in the news these days, here's a reboot I wouldn't mind!! Sequel culture wouldn't be so bad in this instance, i mean have you checked the headlines recently yeesh. here's an ip that could use some freshening up, the friggin world today. heh heh. im just being a little twisted here, but do be sure to check out the film though it looks superb
  4. nohorseman

    Episode 240 - Adam Lustick, Our Sad Friend

    heh was anyone else expecting that the podcast had CHANGED ITS PRIVACY POLICY hit "like" if you're loving this topical post and i'll see if i can post some more stuff like this
  5. nohorseman

    Episode 239 - Dave Holmes, Our Close Friend Again

    All this talk about food makes me "hungry" (heh) for a podcast that kinda focuses on food but is also just an excuse to spend some time with two fellas in a conflict-free friendship
  6. nohorseman

    Episode 238 - Joe Mande, Our Close Friend

    i was out of town last week so listened to this ep, the proversion, and cbb all in a row. now THAT'S what I call podcast did we all blow up the cbb forums as usual what's stansitwell up to over there, is he fully altright yet
  7. nohorseman

    PRO VERSION: The 29 minute long one

    no (edit except when Sean and Hayes are on obviously)
  8. nohorseman

    Episode 237 - Kate Micucci, Our Close Friend

    wow Kate has some kind of fascination with the Universe... she's Sadie on Steven Universe and now she's playing herself on the best podcast in the Universe. file this one under things that make you go hmmm!!!
  9. Hayes and Sean on the CBB ads starting at 23:50 & then skip to 1:00:15. for the love of god don't listen to the rest of it
  10. I'm Pickle Rick Dickle Brett! lol. Thanks for reading!
  11. at LEAST pay the guests with Podswag Giftcards. look how hungrily they're pointing to the aprons let em grab a little something from the company store
  12. nohorseman

    Episode 235 - Natalie Morales, Our Live Friend

    Hayes did the More-a-more joke and it was an absolute classic. Could have went with how the last name looks like a bite like Morale, as in High Morale. Wonder if she says that if she ever smokes a bone.
  13. nohorseman

    Episode 234 - Joe Wengert, Our Contest Maker Friend

    Hoping to be the Valerie Davis nee Bryant of the LA Podcast, someone just point me in the direction of the fan community
  14. nohorseman

    Episode 234 - Joe Wengert, Our Contest Maker Friend

    First off, I love it. Second: Whole Shabang Theory? now THAT I'd watch.
  15. nohorseman

    Episode 234 - Joe Wengert, Our Contest Maker Friend

    Ugh I'm so frustrated by the show they spent so much time reminding everyone of Sassy Snugglefarts's backstory they barely get a chance to get into any new stuff. Remember the old days, bro? Just used to be comedy people trying to make each other laugh not friggin launch a spin off podcast on an improvised universe. That said Sassy's mysterious parentage is pretty intriguing
  16. nohorseman

    Episode 234 - Joe Wengert, Our Contest Maker Friend

    Pro tip: when you're saying a list of something someone can do or some things some one can get, finish the list off with "the works". Talk about a grand finale! Alright catch you all later
  17. nohorseman

    Episode 233 - Nicole Parker, Our Close Popcorn

    quick does anyone know if Matt Besser can play guitar?
  18. nohorseman

    Episode 233 - Nicole Parker, Our Close Popcorn

    i dont watch wrestling entertainment but apparently (remember the apparently kid?) there was a preteen boy that was brought "into the action (show)" the other night. would be wild to hear a preteen on a podcast, theyd be damned shakin in their boots. thats the squared circle i want to see (hear) some dumbass kid try and hang in. laters baby (50 shades reference)
  19. nohorseman

    Episode 229 - Anders Holm, Our Close Friend Again

    hope everyone in the room got paid for the spec script or Jack Allison will be all over your ass
  20. Oo big whiff, Jonah Raydio podcast decided to take their talents to MaxFun and not Earwolf. Shit's finished y'all
  21. my sd card on my phone bit the dust, and it was formatted as internal so I can't listen yet as I want to try and recover my photos off of it before I tell my phone the bad news. anyway haven't listened yet but I might have something with Serafinowicz and Seraph (meaning angelic) if he , i dunno, acts nice or looks like he's glowing or something? might not shake out but I'll let you know
  22. nohorseman

    Episode 227 - Claudia O'Doherty, Our Close Friend

    If you're hoping to liven up your Oscar party this weekend with a themed menu, buddy have I got a bulleted list fo ryou: Phantom Bread Challah Me By Your Name Naankirk The Crepe of Water The Darkest Flour (this is a pumpernickel or other dark rye) The Rolls Three Croissants Outside Ebbing Missouri Get Oat-bread Enjoy!
  23. nohorseman

    Episode 226 - Tom Scharpling, Our Third Host

    a real headline that I saw. Just gotta ask... have they considered FRANCE?? Know there's a lot of CHICKENS over there!! anyway I've traveled in the UK and France lovely places, the both of them fully recommend. Beautiful countries.
  24. nohorseman

    Episode 226 - Tom Scharpling, Our Third Host

    Hey folks did you hear the news did anyone hear about this? Sean Clements was excited about this new Marvel movie and tried to catch it on opening weekend. Yeah you heard me right he tried to adopt the black panther! This guy loves stray cats! Jk