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    Episode 177 - Wild Horses, Our Close Friends

    they dropped the final missing richard simmons two days early, richard simmons is kind of off the radar for a few years big deal, I haven't had new Sean and Hayes content since last week's who charted don't you get it
  2. nohorseman

    Episode 177 - Wild Horses, Our Close Friends

    hmm new podcast S-town comin out from Serial folks, I've always thought that podcast was s-town in relation to hollywood handbook: suck town that is this guy knows what im talking about!
  3. nohorseman

    Episode 175 - Dan Lippert, Our Oscars Friend

    heck of an episode, gang! notice: even though today is "the twenty eigth" everyone remember to flip you calendars tomorrow: it will be the first of march! only in america right folks?
  4. "burning sage" is what I call the Paywall cause all the handbook boys's wisdom is just withering away behind there
  5. Yeah they're doing characters! They started off as parodying self-important industry people they'd encounter in LA. Over the years the premise has really softened, and they can play anything from the old self-important personas, to just silly dumb guys, to really whatever they feel like based on the conversation. Sean and Hayes met IRL writing for a show, and sort of started a podcast because they liked working together and to stay in touch, so even back in the Reality Show Show days so much of it was to make the other guy laugh since they wanted to hang out regularly. That's the main throughline, two really smart funny guys trying to crack each other up and have a nice time. Its a real privilege that I've been there in the recording studio each session also, laughin it up and givin the thumbs up with each syllable. My fave older ep is Dave Thomas. Nicole Byer is great. There is also their produced best-of, Moments of Greatness ep 84, and a fan produced UNOFFICIAL BOOTLEG 2016 Best Of that covers some of their amazing recent stuff
  6. nohorseman

    Episode 173 - Mike Mitchell, Our Close Friend

    warning do not watch the michael bolton netflix thing sean and hayes aren't even in it, big sexy special my fucking dick
  7. whoa holy smokes did you know in those squeeze-style citus juicers that you're supposed to put the cut side down?? not in such a manner that it would fit without squishing?? news to me, hope this helps
  8. I had "the flu" (influenza viral infection) last week and one of the things I did with the two hours I was a awake was listen to my favorite podcast, Hollywood Handbook. I did not post on the forums at all for the first week in a real long time, so I am quite sorry to everyone who missed me. I'm feelin 100% healthy now, and boy oh boy this ep ruled! The ep pics also were great. I notice Sean has a hot Kickstarter item the Fidget Cube in the pics, I know my dude saw that KS and thought "hey I can quit wrapping the cable around my hand if I had one of these." What a multisensory experience this will be when I get mine!
  9. nohorseman

    Episode 170 - The Wendigabrus, Our Close Friend

    If HH went patreon I would be all over that. Can you imagine the patron perks?! I could have my dream of a Hollywood Handbook golf towel for just 50 dollars a month, uh, WHERE DO I SIGN
  10. nohorseman

    Episode 169 - Higher And Mightier With Joe Wengert

    I thought for sure that Inauguration day would summon beloved HH forumer Rodney Ogg for his famous quatrannual joke post
  11. nohorseman

    Episode 169 - Higher And Mightier With Joe Wengert

    I saw that new Denzel / Viola Davis movie and here's a subtle thing I picked up on you can look for if you're able to watch: I think there's some kind of hidden meaning, a little something going on with that fence he's building! I'm no egg head but just kind of a motif I noticed A challenging film, great, and this ep of my fave podcast really cleansed my palate, if any of the Academy voters plays this double feechy Viola could be making friends with a little bald golden man!!
  12. nohorseman

    Episode 168 - Will Greenberg, Our Good Friend

    oh would ya look at that, Dalton forgot to include that a segment of was also performed in this episode. fuckin typical!
  13. nohorseman

    Episode 167 - Ben Rodgers, Our Boo 2016 Friend

    lol i've been accidentally writing "dumpster fire" on all my checks
  14. nohorseman

    Episode 167 - Ben Rodgers, Our Boo 2016 Friend

    aw geez a Dalton thread!? seriously!? I'll catch you all next "July"
  15. god I hate the beeps between the audio clips on this Casper mattress podcast 'ad' "bloodtality" tho lololol that's good! what a funny and likely misunderstanding an ad for a podcast that-is-only-an-ad: only in america, lol smash that like this button if you're all "lol"
  16. Haha cbb fans like to post online during their Best Of episode seasons, us HHers get a best of each and every week
  17. nohorseman

    Episode 165 - Max Silvestri, Our Close Friend

    Guest Derek Waters is compelled by the laws of Spontaneantion­ to share the last time he displayed bravery. His time struggling with a sensory-deprivation tank is all fine and good, but by the end of their free-form discussion, he comes around to what the rest of us already knew—namely that producing all of those episodes of Drunk History while inebriated is incredibly brave (or stupid). Waters doesn’t immediately consider these brave acts, just the sacrifice he must make for his program. As is customary, Waters supplies the improvisers with their setting: a record store in Miami in 1967. It’s best when the settings are oddly specific, allowing the players to dive immediately into their roles. Twenty-three episodes deep, Spontaneantion’s recurring themes are emerging; it’s clear that Paul F. Tompkins and company enjoy enacting stories about earnestly dumb children and their terrible parents. Longtime Tompkins’ collaborator Marc Evan Jackson specializes in voicing disaffected middle-aged men, making him the perfect parental unit. It’s not long before his daughter, played by newcomer Carla Cackowski, wanders off with Tompkins’ Cuban record store owner, only to wind up engaged to a back-alley bum, hooked on H, and conversing with “Heroin Harry,” the figment with a jaunty hat that isn’t afraid to tell you the truth about how great heroin is. Kids grow up so fast these days.
  18. nohorseman

    Episode 165 - Max Silvestri, Our Close Friend

    Ok I'm working my way through the Spont backlog... you're telling me they're just making all this stuff up!?
  19. nohorseman

    Episode 165 - Max Silvestri, Our Close Friend

    Text 1 for Spontius Pilate, 2 for Spontiac Grand Am Market testing my brand rebirth, this will be the best thing since dawn soap wash those oily ducks
  20. nohorseman

    Episode 165 - Max Silvestri, Our Close Friend

    dang this ep was a classic!! Too bad I'm switching my podcast allegiances That's right, since PFT publicly thanked and acknowledged his Wiki creator and administrator on the CBB bests-of, I was so endeared I did the research and learned that you can get ephedrine in over-the-counter asthma medication and now should be equipped to handle the Spont backlog so if anyone needs me I'll be taking my obtuse self-indulgent bits to the spont forums aaaah doesn't that look cozy
  21. *singing, to the tune of "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" by Donald Yetter Gardner* "All I Want for Christmas Is .... a Scot-ty Don't"
  22. nohorseman

    Episode 163 - Yassir Lester, Our Close Friend

    Time to vote in the AV Club's reader poll for podcasts. https://onion.typeform.com/to/FVMFu3
  23. nohorseman

    Episode 163 - Yassir Lester, Our Close Friend

    Loved Yassir from his appearance on Crybabies.... lol jk idiots I don't listen to that show. I only know him from Chelsea Peretti related endeavors!! Fun fact: image meta data reveals that the pictures were taken for this ep on November 8th, I am looking into when the audio may have been recorded
  24. nohorseman

    Episode 162 - D'Arcy Carden, Our Close Friend

    Me and bae were talkin the other day, and we think D'Arcy is just as good as Adam Scott at taking a line that's pretty ordinary on paper and doing such a bang up read on it that it becomes extremely hilarious. She's one of my fave comedic actors! Naturally I loved her on this ep, love when everyone cracks everyone up, makes me feel like I didn't have just to invent a person in the first sentence of this post