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  1. Callin' Doctor Unk

    29 Lifes Rich Pageant

    I was surprised when I first learned that Guinness World Records actually did begin as an (at least tangential) offshoot of the Guinness brewery.
  2. Callin' Doctor Unk

    Episode 165.5 - Minisode 165.5

    I'm with Spencer when it comes to the dramatic ripping off of necklaces / pendants / amulets, and for dozens of examples of this well-established trope, look no further than tvtropes.org itself.
  3. Callin' Doctor Unk

    Episode 340 - Emotional Dance Conference

    Maybe I misunderstood, but weren't we promised the new Summah Single at the end of the episode? Also, Laibach are Slovenian, not German. I hope I cleared that up for the zero people who care!
  4. Callin' Doctor Unk

    Episode 2013 - Russell Howard

    I'm a big fan of Russell Howard, but I wasn't sure how well he'd mesh with the NNF crew. As it turned out, this was one of those episodes where I was just grinning nonstop the whole way through. Great stuff!
  5. Callin' Doctor Unk

    Episode 285 - Lucero and the Immortal Secret Monkey

    I know the Venn diagram of comedy fans and Lucero fans might not have much overlap, but as somebody right smack in the middle of it, this is the most excited I've been about a musical guest since Michael Dean Damron (Huh, turns out I just enjoy singers who sound like they gargle broken glass daily. Go figure). Awesome, awesome stuff!
  6. Callin' Doctor Unk

    Episode 321 - Woke Weekend

    Brandon Wardell seems less like an actual person than he does a "Nathan Barley" character come to life.
  7. Callin' Doctor Unk

    Episode 321 - Woke Weekend

    Uhhh... what?
  8. Callin' Doctor Unk

    Episode 1714 - Matt Walsh

    I'd be curious to hear how Jimmy and Matt would feel about Gillian Welch's original version of "Elvis Presley Blues." I feel like it's a song a lot better suited to their 'morphine hillbilly' sound than to whatever that was that Tom Jones was going for.
  9. Callin' Doctor Unk

    EPISODE 243 — An Inconvenient Convenient Store

    Yeah, I agree. That was definitely a cultural turning point between "generations." Strauss and Howe codified their definition of "Millennial" before 9/11, so that event didn't figure into their theory. I'd think that the deliniation would be between people who came of age after 9/11, though, and not when they were born. So maybe bumping the vague generational cutoff age of birth forward from the "Millennial" threshold of 1982 to something more like 1985 would be a better yardstick of a seperate 'generation.' In general, though, the whole Strauss–Howe generational theory and their grouping of "Millennials" seems over-generalized to me. On the other hand, I'm totally on board with the term "Trans-Millennial."
  10. Callin' Doctor Unk

    Episode 1624 - Todd Levin

    Way to send some traffic over to Consumption Juction, guys.
  11. Callin' Doctor Unk

    EPISODE 243 — An Inconvenient Convenient Store

    Just in point of fact, Strauss and Howe, who coined the term "Millennial," specifically defined it as people born between 1982 and 2004. Obviously there's no rigid definition of a 'generation,' but considering that the oldest Millennials are at this point 33 years old, they would hardly be in the same broad generation as a person born today.
  12. Callin' Doctor Unk

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Edit: Ah, California Emmett beat me to it.
  13. Callin' Doctor Unk

    Episode 16Tf - Greg Behrendt

    Hold on, maybe I heard that wrong, but Greg thinks Sleater-Kinney is "precious"? That's, uh... an opinion you can have, I suppose.
  14. Callin' Doctor Unk

    EPISODE 237 — The Trans-Millennial

    I wouldn't say that there was a "name battle"; they're all different terms with different meanings. 'Butter' and 'margarine' aren't involved in a name battle, either. But regardless, any categorization of a "generation" into a specific timeframe of birth dates, strictly or leniently, is silly. I think that was what Howard was joking about in the first place.
  15. Callin' Doctor Unk

    EPISODE 237 — The Trans-Millennial

    Well, according to Strauss and Howe, who introduced the term as it's currently used, 1982 is pretty specific; hence the word "milennial" itself. Other writers and analysts have applied a more nebulous definition of the generation, but usually apply a different terminology as well ("Generation Y," "Echo Boomers," etc). But "milennial" itself is a specific term with a specific meaning.