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  1. platonicsolids

    RIP Professor Blastoff

    What's with that link to Affirmation Nation? It doesn't look like any of them are on the episode.
  2. platonicsolids

    EPISODE 215 — Loneliness

    She just got out of the hospital, cut her a little slack.
  3. platonicsolids

    Episode 208 — Renewable Energy

    "Unique is a nice word". Yeah. That episode was definitely unique.
  4. platonicsolids

    Episode 207 — Modeling

    I think they have a pretty good handle on when a joke starts to get old, which is why all of those have gone in and out of rotation (except for correcting everyone).
  5. platonicsolids

    Episode 199 — OCD

    Am I crazy or is the intro to this episode a nearly word-for-word recreation of a previous episode's?