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    Photorealistic airbrushing, heavy ink art, synesthetic art, photorealistic primary pointillism, movies, heavy reading, and meeting and making cool things.
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    My wish would be to be allowed to make and sell tshirts, wall graphics, cups and such for every single episode of comedy bang bang. One or two funny lines per show on a shirt with a custom graphic. Every character of possible. They cost me $20-25 per shirt to fulfill shipped worldwide so I would ask to sell them for $40-50 depending on if they've got back shirt printing. If I could bring the costs down by using your suppliers I would happily do so. I would ask to split the profits of the shirts with the show and ask to be allowed to market the shirts as official Comedy Bang Bang and hopefully eventually Ear Wolf gear. I'm currently making a Jimmy Bongos YYZ shirt (posted here http://jtownsendsart...shirt-38-colors Mens xs-3xl 38-36 colours depending on the size of your man tits) and a jay "Hey Nong Mantzoukas" with an autograph line right on the titties like he asked for. Crop tops for women and tshirts for man woman baby and dog. It would let a disabled fan make a living while making you all extra money without having to lift very many fingers. The items can be linked directly to your storefront or push toy store. It would be an honour to make a collection of awesome swag for a collection of awfully intellectual people. You pronounce my name Jay. Photos coming in shortly sirs. I'm actually building fully automated store systems so that I can set them up all over the place eventually and they'll reorder their own products--I'm still busting ass getting the shirts live on my store to then get the rest of it in place so I can make my kick starter video to get that going. Selling shirts and art prints to raise funds to eat and go to the doctors and dentist so I can attempt to get my muscular dystrophy under control. I am completely broke. Like eating a meal a day broke if I can afford it. I've built my store on my iphone because we can't afford wifi, haha. Just found a place two miles from my house that's letting me sit there and work--which is really very lovely. The first platter arrives today to build the first interaction tree. Fun--awfully nerdy stuff. Thompkins, my friends love your humour--so do I--you'll be next. Thinking I'll call the kickstarter youreshirting.me . Anyway that random diatribe leads to this: Can I make a Comedy Bang Bang Automated Kiosk for your office, so that fans/staff can buy your gear right there...while they're waiting for whatever it is Podstars wait for. My wish would to attempt to make a living like I did before my diagnosis. Like a normal person. Edit: 2 Hey Nong Mantzoukas Comedy Bang Bang T shirt. Available at www.whywouldyouwantthat.com Available until I either get to sell on your store or you sue me I guess. Hope to work with you sirs. Every episode. Every character. 38 colours for men. 19 for kids. 31 for modest women. 2 crop top colours for hotties. Right now it's the men's shirts at my website below. Hope you like them. Hey Nong Man. Yours, Jay. Edit: 9/11/15 boom. Sorry for the late update. Goal is two new shirts today. Been making robot brains all day (literally vine @jtownsendsart ) heynongrobro Thinking it's an Aukerman night. Update shortly folks. I also changed the position of the bongo logo to be more icon-logically appropriate. Makes more sense. Having a small rest then back to it. #intel #edison #arduino makes the world go round. I just want an army of robot workers. Nothing too crazy.
  2. Wanted to introduce myself and share something. I make contemporary art of things and people I think are wicked for random celebs, royalty, and the like--and after watching seasons of the league and listening to roughly 100 episodes within a month of traveling of HDTGM, I had to do this piece of Jason. His wit is excellent. Paul and June's are coming. Sorry for the embedded link, it's the only copy of his piece I have on my phone at the moment. I would be so down to make a series of prints for you folks if you'd have them. I dig the humour here. Looking forward to more. Nice to meet you folks.