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  1. MarcNado

    Street Trash (1987)

    Paul and Zooks would love this, its a great b-movie and just a fun film all round
  2. MarcNado

    Overboard (1987)

    I will fight anyone who says this is a bad movie, its an 80s classic!!
  3. I saw this firs the first time a few months back as it was on Amazon Prime UK, have to say it really was as cheesy as you woudl expect but still quite enjoyable
  4. MarcNado

    The Stuff (1985)

    Bumping this one, as it is a prime candidate for HDTGM There is so much to talk about in this and to mock and more importantly enjoy because no mater what you have to say about it's short Cummings this is an enjoyable movie.
  5. MarcNado

    Rollerball (2002)

    The original 1975 film is also f**king amazing
  6. MarcNado

    R.O.T.O.R. (1987)

    This is a film I really wanted to like but ended up being very very disappointed by. Although the robot at the lab that looks like it was made for £10 and helps out is brilliant, its sassy and cracks all the jokes, if it had been used more in the film it woudl have been so much better for it.
  7. MarcNado

    The Experts (1989)

    Watched this last week for the first time... Still not 100% sure who the hell they made this film for as its such a bonkers mess
  8. MarcNado

    Lavalantula (2015)

    Doubt they will do this, they said after doing a few of the sharknado's that they didn't want to do these types of films any more, unfortunately
  9. MarcNado

    Megaforce (1982)

    pretty sure they just start a war and commit war crimes in this film but they are still the good guys for some reason
  10. MarcNado

    Vice Versa (1988)

    I second all PollyDarton's thoughts on this
  11. MarcNado

    The Losers (2010)

    This is a film that is such a guilty pleasure, it is in no way a great film but it is so enjoyable and watchable in a switch of your brain way
  12. MarcNado

    Airplane vs. Volcano (2014)

    Or how me and my friends refer to it Dean Cain vs Volcano's This is a terribly bad film from the asylum but pretty fun to mock for being so bad
  13. MarcNado

    The Secret of My Success (1987)

    Nope.. no this is an 80s classic there is nothing bad about this film
  14. MarcNado

    Caddyshack II (1988)

    We all know sequels usually are never as good as the original and even less so when it comes to comedies. But I actually do not understand how they could take a film that was so good and beloved as Caddyshack. Mean this film is basically the first with a lot of the best parts ripped out, less plot and less gopher. They then refill it with re-used and bad jokes and add a sprinkle of Dan Aykroyd instead of Bill Murry but trying to be as mad a Murry and failing. Such a disaster of a movie and not even in a good way.
  15. MarcNado

    Real Genius (1985)

    this is another great example of one of those 80s rediculous but brilliantly so film. Loved it as a kid still enjoy watching it now even for all it's flaws