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    Episode 148 - Vampire's Kiss: LIVE!

    Finally! Ever since I saw this insane movie on basic cable, I've been hoping and praying that the HDTGM gang would review it. This is probably the craziest Nic Cage movie I have ever seen. There a so many crazy scenes that will leave you speechless with your mouth wide open. Just keep it open and take it all in. My favorite is when he bites the woman at the nightclub, and then just dips. And June is back, which is another reason to celebrate. I am so excited to hear June's thoughts. They could not do this movie without her. Movie Suggestion for Future Podcast - Leap Year It's a bonkers romantic comedy, and would be right up June's alley. There are cows that appear out of nowhere, Amy Adams destroys a hotel room just by plugging in her cell phone, and she also disfigures a bride on her wedding day. The part that continually made me laugh is that Amy wears high heels everywhere, even when she is walking for miles along the road or hiking up the Irish countryside. It is nuts! The perfect guests would be Doug Benson because he has history with Amy. If you are a fan of his show then you know why. The other guest should be Adam Scott because he is in this movie. He plays a douchebag doctor, who has some incredibly douchey lines. It would be interesting to hear if he has any behind the scenes stories about this train wreck. O qua tangin wann qua omsa lagee wann, Patrick Muldoon
  2. WalkAndFrisk

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    Hey Paul, Love the show. It's your barbecue man, and it tastes good. I watched this movie a lot as a kid. I remember being excited when the VHS tape was available to rent from the library. It had laser guns and swords, what more could a kid ask for. Due to the repeat viewings, I can't help but say that I am fully on board for this movie. There is one thing I wanted to mention about the whole plane situation. The dad was the type of guy who built his own experimental plane in his garage. You know how dangerous those things can be, ask the ghost of John Denver. This plane only had seats for two people. If Courtney would have gone with her parents to the beach, they were all going to ride together in the car. Instead her parents take the homemade floatplane that maybe was going to land on the water near the beach? Either way, the crashed and burned. They were going to the beach no matter what, by car or plane. Do you think the parents are in a final destination situation, and will have to end up dying soon to restore the cosmic balance? Gwildor made two keys. The one he was banging on was the prototype. I wish you guys would have talked about Detective Lubic's best line. "Well, what do you know, the mountain comes to Muhammad." And the guy really stresses the "ham" in Muhammad. I will always remember this guy more for being the aircraft carrier commander from Top Gun, who is smoking a cigar in the command center. You guys don't think He-Man is strong? He is definitely strong. He pushed over a statue. I wish you, June, and Jason a good journey. -Patrick Muldoon