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  1. Top 5 movies I'd want to see reviewed? 1. Paradise Alley (STALLONE! Its like Rocky but with pro-wrestling!) 2. Ice Castles 3. Disorderlies (aka That Movie Starring The Fat Boys) 4. BEASTMASTER! 5. The Lords of Flatbush (Stallone! Henry Winkler! Perry King!)
  2. I was 12 when this movie first came out and I loved it. Then time passed, I rewatched it in 1996 and didn't love it nearly as much but still enjoyed it. I rewatched Streets of Fire over the weekend specifically because HDTGM was reviewing it. This movie is insane. It might be the sweatiest movie I've ever seen. I mean like everyone is glistening like they just played 12 games of dodgeball! It is open to debate which is the worse Walter Hill movie, this or Another 48 Hours