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  1. Soapstef

    The Mule (2018)

    Thank gawd I didn't spend money on this one. I had company Christmas gift passes. I still wish that The Favorite had been playing at this particular theater so I could have been spared the frustration of The Mule! The cast isn't the issue...the performances are great. The pace is fine. It's the buildup...then one of the biggest letdowns I've experienced in years! It's also frustrating how many characters are introduced and stories points started with no resolution whatsoever.
  2. Soapstef

    The Mule (2018)

    The real story is very interesting. This movie didn't capture even half of it. If Andy Garcia is supposed to be El Chapo....that part in the movie is all nonsense. The ending just sucks. It's just over and the boring music plays.
  3. Soapstef

    Venom (2018)

    I just want them to do this so I can get June's take on how distracting Michelle's hair is during this entire movie! Is it a wig, bad hair pieces or just out of date styling. I can't..its maddening the whole time!!!
  4. Soapstef

    Splice (2009)

    It's so twisted! Wouldn't it be incest, pedophile, alien sex though? Its barely a teenaged child/alien. They call it their daughter.....eww....this just gets worse by the second!
  5. Soapstef

    Robin Hood (2018)

    My dad called me yesterday to tell me about a movie I need to see! It's this nonsense....oh the shame!!
  6. Soapstef

    Splice (2009)

    Now it's on Cinemax. Still disturbing as all hell. This movie is A LOT!
  7. Soapstef

    Mother! (2017)

    This video helped me understand it, but it still sucks ass. SPOILER ALERT
  8. Soapstef

    Transcendence (2014)

    This one was so strange. I really wanted it to be fantastic. My expectations were way too high from the get-go. I love the cast so much, but the movie was such a mess. I was confused and worse...I was bored!
  9. Soapstef

    Bad Girls (1994)

    I love this movie! It has some issues to be sure, but the cast certainly wasn't one of them. These girls kicked some ass!
  10. Soapstef

    Dreamscape (1984)

    That's completely insane! The effects are absolutely embarrassing.
  11. Soapstef

    Side Out (1990)

    I had completely forgotten about this movie and I love C. Thomas Howell!! I had to jump on YouTube to remember. I'll be watching it tonight for sure.
  12. Soapstef

    Boxing Helena (1993)

    Hilarious...you can't get this movie for less than $35 on Amazon. I've got it on VHS somewhere. I need to revisit it immediately.
  13. Soapstef

    Kidnap (2017)

    It looks like something Ashley Judd turned down.
  14. Soapstef

    What Women Want (2000)

    I love this movie! Only because Helen Hunt is wonderful as Darcy Maguire. The stuff with Judy Greer is great too. Everything with Mel by himself I can fast forward. I want to hate this movie, but I never skip it when its on cable.
  15. Soapstef

    Dr. T & the Women (2000)

    Solaris and Bug were both on cable this past weekend! I'd say Solaris is worse just because it was so fucking boring. Nothing pisses me off more than Dr. T & The Women though. Talk about a movie that fails..on every fucking level!
  16. Soapstef

    Dr. T & the Women (2000)

    Holy Shit!!
  17. Soapstef

    Dr. T & the Women (2000)

    I just wasted my morning watching this shit and I want to die! It's fucking 2 hrs and 5 minutes! Too damn long. Even the trailer clocks in at 2 mins and 35 seconds! I guess I wanted to see this because of Helen Hunt. I loved her in What Women Want which is also from 2000. It wasn't a great movie either, but infinitely more watchable than this mess!! You get the feeling that she's playing the same character at first, but she takes a cold turn later which is very confusing. Plus, this is supposed to be prime Richard Gere. Runaway Bride was right before in 1999. Unfaithful would be 2002. I didn't hate Autumn in New York or Mothman Prophecies which are mashed in between. WTF with this movie! This whole movie has no point, makes no sense. Just scene after scene of all the same blabbing cows in Dr. T's office talking, talking, talking! Robert Altman directed. This is no Short Cuts. Anne Rapp wrote it. Her IMDB only has 4 credits..the latest showing no dates..just (????) Not a good sign. Wikipedia was more clear. Her career was mostly as a script supervision & she has worked on more than 50 films including Cookie's Fortune and won an Independant Spirit award. Whatever, this movie sucks ass. What I really don't get is the cast! How could all of these actresses have read this script and been excited to jump on board for this crap?! Helen Hunt Farrah Fawcett (the saddest role ever) Laura Dern (wtf) Shelley Long Tara Reid Kate Hudson Liv Tyler Janine Turner Then finally this interminable bloated mess ends and all you want to do is throw something at the TV! For all this time wasted...we can't get a classic Richard Gere ending! Fuck you Robert Altman..and Ann Rapp.
  18. Soapstef

    Tammy & The T-Rex (1994)

    This movie leaves me speechless!
  19. Soapstef

    Dreamscape (1984)

    Oh yeah..it's time to do this shit show!! It was on cable last night. I can't believe I'd never seen this movie! I can't believe this cast: Dennis Quaid Max von Sydow Christopher Plummer Eddie Albert Kate Capshaw What the hell did all these people think they were signing on for? The effects were so fucking bonkers. Just wow!
  20. Soapstef

    Episode 98 - Ghostbusters

    It is absurd! I love the Neverending Story, but its a hard NO for the Canon from me. It was interesting to hear the comedy argument from Paul. When I think of 1984 comedies I think of Splash & Romancing the Stone. Now, I love these to death but I don't know if I'd nominate them for the Canon. Ghostbusters would definitely be my pick for the Canon.
  21. Soapstef

    Episode 98 - Ghostbusters

    I'm surprised to hear Amy's interpretation of the egg scene! I never assumed that it's a ghost cooking eggs on the counter. Everyone I know thinks it's a convergence of energy or "hotspot". I agree.
  22. The Syfy Matrix marathon is on now and I'm cringe watching it now. Ick is mostly what I have to say at the moment. RELOADED is what I'm on now. The first one I can tolerate, but it doesn't really hold up over time. This Reloaded mess has always confused me. I cannot stress enough how much I hate the city of ZION. From the moment they get "home" I can't say how disappointed I have always been in this hot looking rock & metal city. It's a mess. The dance sequence is gross with like a 1000 sweaty bodies at the weirdest rave I've even seen! I want so badly to hear June's take on this scene!! The sex is so basic I don't think Jason would give it a pass. The action sequences and Keanu, Carrie Ann Moss & Hugo Weaving are the only reason I'm watching this again.
  23. Soapstef

    Sleepwalkers (1992)

    I cannot handle Brian Krause in this movie! He's Leo from Charmed! He's a Whitelighter (healing angel) and so awesome. He is not this strange mother fucking, virgin hunting, demon cat thing! I did not need to know of this movies existence!
  24. Soapstef

    Orphan (2009)

    I own this movie! I love this movie! Just googling this movie is facinating! Everyone up in arms about the Secret Dwarf Whore or eastern european schizophrenic dwarf whore. Then some articles had to correct things because they incorrectly said Esther was a prostitute. Then all the drama about adoption advocates encouraging a boycott! My only disappointment with the actual movie is the part of the husband! Come on! This is a movie that should have had 3 alternate endings on the dvd.