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    Body Parts (1991)

    We Hate Movies did a great episode on Body Parts, but I thing HDGTM definitely could have some new angles on it, especially when it comes to Lindsay Duncan's bullshit non-explanation of what she's doing. "Think of the implications!"
  2. DougGlassman

    Episode 133.5 - Minisode 133.5

    I hate to disappoint you, but they're actually saying "Magic Night". Jenner's character is, much like Michael in Xanadu, absolutely unnecessary for the rest of the movie. The entire thing could be streamlined by making Jack into Samantha's romantic interest.
  3. DougGlassman

    Episode 133 - The Quest

    The Dollop podcast did a great episode on Count Dante if you want to follow up on what Jon was saying about the Dojo Wars: http://thedollop.libsyn.com/134-counte-dante
  4. DougGlassman

    Episode 127.5 - Minisode 127.5

    Streets of Fire could actually be good with the right remake. The art design is over the top but workable and there's some good music, along with what might be the greatest opening number ever. Seriously, "Nowhere Fast" is the most earwormy song on an HDTGM movie since "This Is The End" from Staying Alive.
  5. DougGlassman

    EPISODE 123.5 - MINISODE 123.5

    I don't have much else to add... except HACK THE PLANET! HACK THE PLANET!
  6. DougGlassman

    Guests I'd Love To Hear of HDTGM

    After "The Revenant" comes out, they should do an episode with Dave Anthony and Gareth Williams from The Dollop to discuss how accurately Hugh Glass was portrayed.
  7. DougGlassman

    EPISODE 115 — Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

    My theory is this really is like Jaws 4 and the sharks are attracted to Fin's sharktooth necklace. It's a cursed artifact that summons Sharknados as revenge. His family are affected by the curse as well.
  8. DougGlassman

    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    Upon a second listen, I realized the need for an episode on Dune.
  9. DougGlassman

    Pieces (1982)

    For MST3K fans, it's directed by and starring the same people as Pod People. Crazy movie, especially the "kung fu" scene.
  10. DougGlassman

    Can't Stop The Music (1980)

    I need to bring this movie's thread up again because of something I realized. This movie and Xanadu both feature annoying male leads portrayed by terrible actors who add nothing to the plot. The Apple is almost the same way apart from the lead having at least some bearing on the plot, but it's so batshit crazy that you'd hardly notice it.
  11. DougGlassman

    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    "Bath-based teleportation" Channeling June in her absence, eh?
  12. DougGlassman

    The signs of a bad movie list

    When the first thing you hear in the trailer is "From the producer(s) of", that's not a good sign. After all, "Can't Stop The Music" was from the producer of "Grease", so it had to be great. Similar to the writer example, count the number of editors in the credits. Larger and more effects-driven works do tend to have larger editing teams, but if a small-budget movie has five different lead editors like "Space Mutiny", you're in for a bad ride.