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    EPISODE 115.5 — Minisode 115.5

    I think that's a generous stance and in the spirit of the show. I actually don't watch any of these movies, outside of the handful I had seen previous to the podcast. But never sought one out or watched in anticipation of the episode. My point being, they're all bad; the joy is in the discussion and reactions. If the HOSTS are no longer into the franchise, I won't be either. But as long as they are a little tickled by it, it works for me. Obvious disclaimer: June's presence would exponentially improve any episode.
  2. thethingthatdarknessfears

    What IS "Who Charted"?

    Hey everyone, Stupidest question ever, but what IS "Who Charted"? What is its basic premise, jumping off point? I listen to so many Earwolf podcasts, but never this one because I always assumed it was a music countdown show...well not so much Casey Kasem as a discussion of who charted in a week. Not really my thing, so. I am familiar with Kulap. And recently watched that Jay Marks animation where Howard Kremer advises against whistling. Maybe it was a boost from the (awesome) animation, but I found myself finally curious to listen. Is anyone feeling generous and willing to tell me ever so briefly? Thank you thank you. Also, on threads I often read about listening to "Who Charted" vs not listening to "Two Charted", or the reverse. Whatever on sweet earth that means.
  3. thethingthatdarknessfears

    Episode 68 — Feminism

    (Hellllloooo from the future!) Yes. I think men who say this are confusing powerlessness (over their desire/sex drive?) with someone else having power. So much rage and misogyny and MRA b.s. seems to stem from the terror of this powerlessness....and gets twisted to an angry "women have all the power in relationships."
  4. thethingthatdarknessfears

    Episode 57 — Reconciliation

    Wow. Yeah. I am a little shocked to see the overwhelming love for Dane's appearance here. I just found the whole "women be bitches" attitude incredibly unpalatable; it wasn't played cleverly or even in a funny way, just flat out bitter and hostile. I don't get women who don't like women. It was kind of sad to listen to Tig not respond in any way to Dane's characerization that all women are deceptive in every reaction with each other when Tig likes women so much. I love how she talks about and respects her friends. I dunno. Left a bad taste in my mouth. On the other hand, the talk about Tig and Kyle was fascinating if vague, and the singing was great.