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  1. JoshuaTeixeira

    Episode 70: BATMAN v SUPERMAN

    "You will believe a man can fly" was the tagline for Superman: The Movie, and I think it sums up perfectly what they were going for, and why it works so well.
  2. JoshuaTeixeira

    Episode 32 - Aladdin with Gilbert Gottfried

    Recognized Paul by his laugh. More podcasts need a Paul laugh track.
  3. JoshuaTeixeira

    Episode 404 - The Timeys Leap Year Celebration

    This episode's third segment hurt my heart. I've never felt this badly for a CBB charac before. I needed to know Maxwell would be okay. It couldn't end like that, could it? Then that ending. I HEARD A CRIME GO
  4. JoshuaTeixeira

    Episode 396 - The Intern Challenge

    The Grepisode of January! The sexual tension was palpable! We all wanna fuck Rob Huebel!
  5. Janet's laugh is a treasure. Also, everyone was cracking up this episode. Paul was in top form during that monologue!
  6. JoshuaTeixeira

    EPISODE 20 - Death Valley

    Good lord I love the No, You Shut Up! cast whenever they're on here. Colleen has made me laugh-cry on every single appearance. You need to get these guys over to Matt's for some Superego sketches. Well, you don't need to do anything, aside from survive. But it'd make for some great sketches, IN MY OPINION.
  7. JoshuaTeixeira

    EPISODE 19 - Malibu

    I love Lisa Hanawalt so much. Had no idea who she was when I started this, and now I am ready to lay down in traffic for her. Also, Paul, your Dracula is slowly moving closer and closer to Count Floyd. I'm so happy. Welp, now to finish the episode. Loving it so far.
  8. Immediately where my head went too.
  9. Double this sentiment. Love her so much, and she was fantastic on this episode. More Erinn, please! Also I know he isn't your character Paul, but I'd love it forever if McConville's functionally illiterate clown Randy read an ad or two. He had me in tears. I've been impersonating him to amuse myself.
  10. JoshuaTeixeira

    EPISODE 17 - Science Fair

    Paget is the very best.
  11. Such a religious episode. And all of our improvisers are named after apostles! Matt, Mark, James, and Paul get the gang back together again... for a rousing round of improvisational comedy.
  12. How am I supposed to know what to buy if Count Dracula, the Contraptionaire, Mitch & Dolores or the rest of the gang don't tell me?! Always love hearing Gourley. Spont needs a Superego crossover, with all four guys at once! Fantastic episode as usual. Gourley's Ghost Door salesman made me cry-laugh. (Laugh-cry?)
  13. "I wanna be the Commissioner Gordon... of your genitals." Ah, love. Ain't it grand? Seriously ace cast today. Colleen always leaves me in stitches, Shulie's Denancy was an absolute treat, and what can I say about Chris "Fear" Tallman that hasn't already been said? He looks like he could drink the moon. There. No one has ever said that about him. Fuck. This is my favorite show. Keep it up Paul, Eban, and family.
  14. Sounds like somebody has Ian Fleming's disease.
  15. Fantastic, Kickpuncher.
  16. More Dalton Wilcox. I need my life filled with more folksy wisdom and western wit. And vampire murderin'.
  17. Everything after the Scatman joke had me rolling. I'm hurting, and in the best way possible. Well done everyone. Well done Jimmy Blades. More Scatman (Jr) on future Superego, please. I love him so much.