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  1. What's the best sandwich you can get in the city that you live in? Or perhaps what is your city's signature sandwich?

    There are roast beef places everywhere too but I am not crazy about them .


    While certainly not our best sandwich available, elizamuffins' mention of roast beef triggered some violent flashbacks of my time working at Arby's when I was 16. There's one memorable experience when we actually ran out of roast beef, yet stayed open. I worked drive thru that day and had to open every transaction with, "Thank you for choosing Arby's, just to let you know we have run out of roast beef. What can I get you?" And that's how I learned the business concept of supply and demand: When you have no supply, your customers demand that you go screw yourself.

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  2. I was in a commercial for Big R when I was 12. It was Christmastime, and I - along with my family - played carolers. In the commercial, we (the carolers) went to a house and sang "Oh Christmas Tree" but without any "r"s ("Oh Chistmas tee oh Chistmas tee how lovely ah thy banches"). The woman whose house we were caroling at was then supposed to say, "Me-y Chistmas eve-y-body!" But she kept messing up her line and saying it like Elmer Fudd ("Mewwy Chwistmas evewybody"). We all got extremely irritated by her. At the end of the commercial, a narrator said, "Isn't life hard without any 'r's? Big R."


    I made $50 doing that commercial.

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  3. witty llama - I'm scared to like that post. My grandparents had an ashtray that had 2...umm..2 children sitting on a bench eating waterm...umm..enjoying some fruit together. and it was just sitting out on a table in the basement. Neither of them even smoked!


    I hear you, Steve. I was afraid of even posting it, but then I remembered I'm clearly not racist. After all, some of my best friends are black: Rachel Dolezal, Tron_doe...

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  4. P-good ep. Also, P-good ads. I do want to apologize in advance to Mr. Scat Bippitybopbopbawkerman for answering honestly on that pod survey and saying I have more than "some high school" in my education arsenal. But he'll be happy to know that my household income is still under 10,000 a year despite my master's degree. lol...haha...*sobs*

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  5. Oooh boy, Brett, really sorry to hear about your derriΓ©re becoming derrihairy again. And to you, Sean and Hayes, for seeing all your hard work go to waste. True story, that song Kelly Clarkston sang - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) - was about this exact situation. She tried using Harry's Razors on a certain celebrity's hirsute behind, and man did it backfire. Who's this celebrity, you may ask? Well, it's a bit of a secret, but let's just say that the answer will shock you so much you'll get Whiplash. J.K.

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  6. The science of roommates

    Roommates. They're people we live with, when we're either too poor to live on our own or we're straight up masochists.


    Lesson 1: "You want a sink free of dishes? Screw you."

    Lesson 2: "Your milk? Our milk."

    Lesson 3: "Oh, uh, hey... I, uh, wasn't expecting you home so soon."

    Lesson 8: "I need a ride to the airport at 4 am, and I know you're available because that's when you're usually sleeping."

    Lesson 64: "I'm just going to leave your bedroom door ajar when I leave even though it was closed when I walked in."

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  7. Hey all,


    I just wanted to let you know that this week's episode really couldn't have been better timed. Last night, an eel asked me out on a date. He was well dressed in a business suit (pinstripes, baby), he had a steady job (electrical engineel), and he was about my age. I was about to say yes when I remembered Lesson #5 from the science of love, where it's not safe for land walkers to fall in love with an eel. So, I politely declined. Such a shame, but I'm sure he'll make some narwhal very happy someday.

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  8. Welcome Witty Llama. And thank you for showing restraint and not just doing another celebrity smash-up name (i.e. Emma Stone Cold Steve Austin) although if you wanted to do a smash-up of YOUR user name may I suggest Kendrick Llamar or Secret Life of Walter Witty?

    Thanks! It was less about restraint and more about not wanting to assume "in status" with the group. I mean, I have read science book and stuff, but I have a lot to learn.

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  9. Β 

    Great first post!


    Welcome to #teamtreese. Please put #teamtreese on your Earwolf Forum username.


    And watch out for Joe... that guy has a stench that I think is coming from his ears. It kind of smells like rotting bugs.


    Thanks, you two. I am so glad that this forum is filled with such nice, funny, smart people.

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