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    Mean Guns (1997)

    This film is straight up bonkers. Ice T lures 100 criminals who have betrayed the criminal syndicate he works for to a newly built prison where they have to kill or be killed. The last three alive walk away with 10 million dollars, while the rest don't walk away at all. With Christopher Lambert being his usual special brand of crazy and weird, and one of the most unusual choices of soundtracks around (seriously... samba music?), Mean Guns is not one to be missed!
  2. TimWilloughby

    Independence Day

    I'm currently sat in a hotel in the Netherlands, watching Independence Day with Dutch subtitles. This film is way crazier than I remember. It all kind of looks like it was filmed on the set of General Hospital, has all of the standard 'Jeff Goldblum as a crazy scientist that nobody listens to' and Will Smith sucker punching an alien. When you ignore all the dated looking special effects, there are a lot of characters behaving against type, and generally ludicrous plotting. Even just the scene where Jeff Goldblum explains how he's going to beat the aliens alone is worthy of an episode. Also, imagine Nick Cage in just about any role in this movie...