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    Live Shows Not Yet Posted

  2. Royboy

    Live Shows Not Yet Posted

    Who were the guests for the Swordfish and Van Helsing tapings? Any upcoming projects by said guests to tie the release of the episodes to?
  3. "Hey, have you ever really noticed that our AP Bio teacher is a real Glenn Howerton type?" "And Jenny, I'd really appreciate it if you'd lay off her for a bit, because I hear some really talented people have small roles in episode eleven." Zach, with the smooth plug.
  4. Wait, so is the show really ending or is the station being sold just a storyline?
  5. Royboy

    Movies for NYC?

    Superman IV finally getting covered makes me sooooooo happy. Superman III was the first episode of HDTGM I ever heard and if they can get Damon Lindelof back for this one, I'd be elated. Between Jon Cryer and the sitcom-esque double date scene... there's a lot for the gang to cover.
  6. Just one of these years, I'd love it if Gino, Traci, Jason or one of the other regulars could join Scott on his annual trip to Suicide House. And Messmore's Dennis Miller story was awesome. I never tire of instances of hearing real life stories end up coming our while a person is still trying to maintain their character.
  7. I can only imagine what would have happened if the group had known about the straight-to-video sequel or the TV series based off of the movie.
  8. Royboy

    Episode 173 - Virtuosity: LIVE!

    Shots fired at Castle!
  9. Quite possibly the most subtle, understated and nuanced role this show has ever seen. She needs to return many, many times.
  10. If Paul could play Uatu the Watcher (RIP) on a future episode of Comedy Bang Bang, I would be the happiest person in the world.
  11. Royboy

    Jason X (2001)

    Probably why they had her play Talia on Arrow. Ageless. It's amazing. And on that note, I do wonder it they'll bring up that this movie stars not one, but two stars from Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda.
  12. Royboy

    Virtuosity (1995)

    Guys, it's happening! So much to look forward to in this one.
  13. I started cracking up at the Preacher references.
  14. No headphones. Will Hines is hardcore.
  15. Royboy

    Episode 204 - Rob Huebel, Our Close Friend

    So what happened with those pictures that used to be posted in these episode threads that make no sense to anyone not listening that had captions like "Somethingorother Chanson"?
  16. Royboy

    Episode 509 - 3 Witches and a Baby

    There's part of me that wants the witches to show up at Suicide House next month. Also, for Dump Dump to meet HoHo and Pamela from Big Bear.
  17. They. Just. Keep. Topping. Themselves. Cats! Robots! Mexican desserts! A rap about Home Alone! This show is amazing.
  18. Royboy

    Episode 170 - Bratz

    I genuinely worry that Talking Bratz may inadvertently cross over with Talkin' Tang. Also, Big Bratz would make a great T-Shirt.
  19. I said this elsewhere, but I'm legitimately certain Amanda was thinking of the kid from TailSpin when thinking of someone skiing behind a plane.
  20. Special cameo from Rich Fulcher!
  21. Spot on John Cena impression from Fran!
  22. Hopefully that'll change with them getting into the sitcom game with New Warriors. Personally, I think Agents of SHIELD has had a couple of funny moments, and as it was pointed out Luke and Jessica are capable of a couple of good chuckle-worthy lines and moments here and there.
  23. That picture is amazing beyond words. Thank you for passing it along. I was not fond of the Iron Fist series either. Like many, I had issues with the Meachum family drama bringing any momentum to a screeching halt, in addition to Danny's more annoying tendencies. If we could just hurry up and get to a buddy cop dynamic between Luke and Danny like in David Walker's Power Man & Iron Fist series, I think things would turn around sufficiently. As for Garbage Pail Kids, I recall seeing the movie on TV when I was younger, but I forgot all about it. Never collected the cards either. For some reason, in terms of cards based on gross-out humor, I had more of those Wacky Packages cards. If anyone remembers those.
  24. I remember a rumor (sometime last year IIRC), that Punisher was going to be the start of a second wave of Netflix shows including Ghost Rider, Blade and Moon Knight. I don't remember if the rumor said or not if they'd build up to a Marvel Knights/Midnight Sons thing the way the current crop built to Defenders, but with the Punisher series a reality, it'd be interesting to see if this could really happen. Personally, If I had my druthers, I'd just opt to adapt Charlie Huston's run on the book.
  25. Well, there's also the alleged divide between the TV shows and the movies, so no Valkyrie either (and I think Fox makes the former X-Men members verboten as well). Of course the sparsity of crossovers between the movies and shows means we'll likely never see the relationships between folks like Daredevil and Black Widow or Jessica Jones and Scott Lang (to say nothing of Hawkeye and Mockingbird).