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  1. I have a theory about how Hercules and Pretzie managed to find a random chariot in Manhattan. Earlier in the movie, when Hercules is on one of his dates with the professor's daughter, they see a poster advertising a show about Hercules—a poster that prominently features horses and a chariot. Later on, when Hercules and Pretzie are on the run from the mobsters and steal the chariot from the guy wearing that weird leopard print outfit, I figured that they were in the area near where the show was being performed and happened to stumble on the horses and chariot which were hanging around until they were needed for the show. The guy buying the hotdog is the actor playing Hercules in the show (why else would he be wearing that weird leopard-print outfit?) that the real Hercules was so offended by when he saw the poster. It's a beautiful moment of the two Herculeses of the movie meeting.