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  1. JoeSchiffenhaus

    The House of The Dead

    Jurgen Prochnow as a brave sea captain of a boat roughly half the size of the Orca! Clint Howard as his trusty first mate clad in fisherman gordon style yellow hat and slicker, who reminds us of how Smee would talk if he was from the 1920's... and retarded! Asian girls who were American flag dresses AND are also named Liberty! People with no firearm training, instantly developing the skills of cocking, reloading, and hip firing machine guns! A girl who fleetingly mentions she took the one-handed-tiny-poking sword art of fencing in school, and turns that into the strength and skill required to wield a greatsword with the grace of William Wallace. All set against the backdrop of a EDM festival on a tiny Pine Tree infested island located in the random and vacant Pacific Northwest... Brought to you by Sega Game Systems.
  2. JoeSchiffenhaus

    EPISODE 111 — Hercules in New York: LIVE!

    Is it just me or does that one greek "goddess" look like a mob wife that Lorraine Bracco is making fun of in Goodfellas?