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  1. reallycoolhat

    Episode 93 — Patrick Walsh, Our Close Friend

    What's a podcast?
  2. reallycoolhat

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    This episode and you guys were so funny and cute!! I love this. I don't know how you guys kept your shit together when hayes and Sean were reading exerpt from their books.
  3. reallycoolhat

    Episode 91 — Tom Scharpling, Our Close Friend

    Can I just defend my lil state and say that some great f-ing stuff happens. Like for instance the one time I saw Chris Christie in one of my local frozen yogurt shops. Case closed. Tony the Tiger Woods
  4. reallycoolhat

    Episode 91 — Tom Scharpling, Our Close Friend

    I can't tell what I enjoy listening to more: this tom sharpling ep of hh or "dilemma" by nelly. Idk Anyway here's a pic of my d:
  5. reallycoolhat

    Episode 91 — Tom Scharpling, Our Close Friend

    I'm glad the husky one wasn't actually the last ep ever. Phew. Wipes the sweat off my brow.
  6. reallycoolhat

    Episode 90 — Brian Huskey, Our LIVE Friend

    I think he was saying that this was the "bast episode ever" like best but with a little bit of that Boston flair. I mean there is no other explanation.
  7. reallycoolhat

    Episode 89 — Erin Whitehead, Our Close Friend

    UCB franklin is closed for Dcm in New York but I'm pretty sure ucb sunset is still open! And on Friday Lauren lapkus is doing a two person show cause she won't be at Dcm. Just if you're interested! You could also always just BURST into the earwolf radio labs and hide under the table while people are recording.
  8. reallycoolhat

    Episode 89 — Erin Whitehead, Our Close Friend

    I just saw Will Hines perform at the weekend team harold night at ucb and let me just say he is as charming and funny and smart as he is on HH
  9. reallycoolhat

    Episode 89 — Erin Whitehead, Our Close Friend

    Guys I think hayes is sad lets all chip in a few ducks and buy him like a nice tie or like a funny singing card
  10. reallycoolhat

    Episode 89 — Erin Whitehead, Our Close Friend

    Sean talked a lot about getting off in This episode. Once with when women have jobs men usually have and once when pouring chemicals into food. I don't know. I have no comment on it. I'm just an observer of life. Very good ep. And now all they need is Stephanie allynne To complete the Quadfecta and finally release the wildest horse. Also that last part was so cute on both sides
  11. I think I'm in love with a bear. I feel like Christopher Robin.
  12. Oh god so much pressure riding on this 12th post. (Bonnie, don't fuck this up you nincompoop, play it cool) Oh yeah um here's a pic of me meeting Shap at a Hooters in 2009. (Ok cool maybe they won't notice)
  13. It's about damn time I brought some canonical change to this forum. thanks for helping Shap off it's feet.
  14. Shap only cried twice in his life. Once when Tracy Morgan slapped his bottom in snl. And once when he met colt Barton. The rest is shaqstory.
  15. K I'm gonna take a quick power nap (that'll probably end up being more like a three hour nap #relatable) and if they post the popcorn gallery questions I'll be so peeved cause this is my 1st chance and I've been checking compulsively. I'll be so mad at them I'll probably like I don't know... Push my cat off my bed or something awful like that
  16. Also guys (I know it's early im on a red eye bus) but I was just in Boston visiting a friend And we visited Hayes's historical childhood home. I would give it a 10/10, very interesting, except the lines were a little long and it was such a touristy attraction. But the fire truck was great and I got great insight into what nurtured such a genius
  17. Ok well today I watched inside out and I hope the HH Boys talk about it and how it made me cry the whole time and how maybe Pixar movies are not for kids but really for adults and God it was so good PS some real good teasers #minionsmovie, anyone? Also my ideal guest is Paul f Tompkins, once again
  18. pretty bummed i missed the hangout. i played super smash bros with my bro and he beat me every time, so was it even worth it? Also I'm fairly sure the HH boys are trying to send me a few hints from this latest ep cause after listening to it, I saw this truck on the way to work. Then at work some kids played "fireflies" by Owl City on the touch tunes so. I don't know. They just all feel like signs from the Hollywood gods (Hayes and Sean). Maybe I need to move to LA.
  19. Sorry guys...I feel like the pet pics are my b and I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause any strife But also check this shit out.
  20. Thanks!! And congrats on the pro version!
  21. Oh thank gosh I'm so glad you guys do the pet thing. well, here is one of them. lookin' like a circle.
  22. Thanks, Joe! All I'm really hoping for is to be a cool member of this forum. I'll try my best. Also, don't you guys like post pics of your pets or am I wrong about that? Cause if so I got some real cute cats.
  23. Ok guys look I know I'm new and all but I'm really psyched about being numero dos on this ep.