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  1. More payoff to the listener than any podcast episode I've heard.
  2. Some friends and I have started a weekly learning group based upon the UCB Comedy Improv Manual and I4H. (None of us have improvised before or had classes) We're learning long-form storytelling based improv based off of I4H primarily, with Asssscat and UCB TV show(the old one) inter-stitched. Currently we have 3 regular member with occasional drop-ins by others, and it always feels like we're a person or two short from being able to do the exercises we're interested in. We meet up at one of the improviser's house and practice in the basement. Bring your own beer. You don't have to participate in your first group if you just want to check the vibes. We meet every Wednesday, 6 to 9-9:30. I'd like to find others as interested as I am so we can add days of the week to meetup. Post here or message me for more details! I've started to keep a record of our class activities/plans so the group can decide which practice games we think are shitty. (Spoiler: A lot of short-form practice games.) http://improvlouisville.blogspot.com/
  3. This was a great argument until one of the guests started laughing at a completely reasonable point.
  4. KyleCrusoe

    PLEASE stop playing loud music with no warning

    "200 episodes later, it's still loud and it's starting to really piss me off." It just started?
  5. KyleCrusoe

    HOWL - NEW iOS App

    There are only 2 full Superego episodes up. And unfortunately they have perhaps the worst podcasting record of consistently producing content.
  6. KyleCrusoe

    HOWL - NEW iOS App

    To those of us who still have data-capped rates, this is going to be impossible. Accessing through browser-streaming rather than downloading/archiving would cause significant charges. Unrealistic expectation for fans to use the Howl site.
  7. KyleCrusoe

    EPISODE 198 — Indonesian Hobbit

    Betsy and Colton bring something to a room that seems to get everyone giggling.
  8. I came here to disagree, but by the end of your post I was disappointed to find you had a thought out argument.
  9. KyleCrusoe

    EPISODE 114.5 — Minisode 114.5

    Jared was convicted of child pornography? Paul is the first I've heard it from, but I can't find anything to support it.
  10. Something I thought Besser and half of the people on here would enjoy. Via Reddit:
  11. Hey guys. This weeks is having me worried about the end of the world, so I thought we should all start combining our money to prepare. e.
  12. KyleCrusoe

    Preparing for The Apocalypse

    It's a reference to the future when seeds is money.
  13. Let's be realistic though. Those who are arguing that SKM is a misogynist aren't actually interested in HELPING him understand why his words may be inexcusably offensive. So aren't you really just looking for someone to rage against?
  14. You're clearly not arguing about this episode any more. At least we have reached an "agree to disagree" moment. The equal opportunity offender concept is something I very much agree with: That if you are an asshole to everyone, you can't be picked on for being an asshole to one person in particular.
  15. Sir Noah brings up some pretty irrelevant points to this argument. Let me help you focus m'lord. I feel like argument as to whether this incident was or was not misogynistic was only addressed by Souprman. In order to label something as misogynistic, it needs to meet some very simple criteria: To show, imply, or endorse a dislike or hatred of women. This definition leaves the proof of burden up to Participants A and B. In order to sufficiently meet the criteria of misogynistic, these participants must successfully argue that: 1) SKM consistently expresses or feels a dislike or hatred of women. And, 2)SKM expresses this dislike or hatred at a HIGHER RATE toward women, than to men. While participant B addressed the first criterian with some degree of success, he fell flat when he was unable to address the second. IN CONCLUSION: While SKM is an agreed upon asshole, the parties involved were unable to successfully argue that SKM actions were misogynistic. http://www.lddebate.net/ Before anyone goes on about how I may "take this blah blah blah" too seriously, Ill go ahead and let you know that I do. Women's rights and equality are the goals, and I am a firm believer that the false causalities demonstrated are harmful to our shared success.
  16. Me too. So refreshing coming from KY where all of the comedy is "blue collar" or grungy.
  17. If you reach the appropriate echelon, you will be allowed to audition for a team, but slots are extremely limited and only 1/100 people will make it. If you don't, you can either take more courses or bide your time until the next audition. 1/100 of the people trying out for a team will make a team sounds made-up. In order to progress, you must take a series of escalating courses, to the tune of thousands of dollars. $250 a class is competitive with community college classes. You must be willing to be paid little/nothing to perform at the UCB theaters, so that the popular/successful shows can subsidize new/experimental shows. This is 100% true as verifiable by Matt Besser on I4H - Ask the UCB #1