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  1. cloudnein

    EPISODE 130 — Rubbing Plants On Ourselves

    Laughing with tears in my eyes on my bike ride home tonight. DAMN!
  2. Episode 128 last week started without the usual "Destroy the Orcs" and yesterday I happened to pull up 3 Inches of Blood 'cause I was listening to Glitter Wizard (who is used for another podcast's theme) only to hear that 3 Inches of Blood just called it quits. It's all your fault, that'll learn you for not playing them at the top of the show. :^o ref: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/3-inches-of-blood-to-disband/ (FYI: Glitter Wizard kicks ass too. Consider them? Podcast that uses their theme is the wonderful "Spellburn" DCCRPG podcast.)
  3. cloudnein

    3 Inches of Blood call it quits, it's all YOUR FAULT

    Oh and expect the reunion tour in 2 years. http://www.metalsucks.net/2015/06/03/farewell-tours-bullshit/