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  1. Quick! Pretend you're sleeping! (We'll get to stay up late!)
  2. Here's an overdramatic country plugs theme! https://soundcloud.c...rredmusic/plugs Lyrics: Plug your stuff You might might more money Make more money by the end of the day Scott wants you to plug what you're doing So, what are you doing today?
  3. Oh my God... I think your car HATES your nipples. Someone said this to me the other day. And I think she's right.
  4. Peter Piper Pooped a Pickle. How long before I regret posting this little gem?
  5. You get to pick. It could be outer space, or, we do still offer a MySpace option.
  6. Prepare to stare off into space for, like, an hour and a half, actually. Probably with a stupid grin on your face. Because this is going to be funty.
  7. "Mondays... I like lasagna. Let's annoy Jon. Wry grin." This would be a great catchphrase for an episode that airs on a Monday and you brought lasagna for lunch and there's a guy named Jon who finds you irreproachable but you kind of drive him nuts. If that ever happens, here you go.