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    EPISODE 215 — Loneliness

    Sarah was so sweet and charming! And I am an extrovert who really struggles with loneliness, so it was nice to hear a new take on the subject. And it was warm and fuzzy to have everyone back home in the hatch together And just to let Kyle know ,if he reads this--yes, I had a good experience watching your video. You are an Adonis.
  2. MeaganLawrence

    EPISODE 212 — Identity Pt. 1

    I'm so emotionally connected to this podcast, I get that feeling like "mom and dad are fighting are they gonna get a divorce?" whenever they don't sound like they're enjoying themselves or drop hints about it ending. But yeah, I would hope they only do it if It's fun and advantageous to them. One thought is that I personally think Kyle is funny enough to carry it alone and he could have Tig and David come back as guests every now and then. But now that I think about it, he probably would need David to help keep things on track.
  3. MeaganLawrence

    Episode 211 — Flatulence

    To be honest, after hearing both sides of the bear story together, I feel that Kyle is justified and still remains the man with ripped lats he always has been in my mind. Lats vs. bear, lats win every time. Calfs vs. bear on the other hand... (Hope tig feels better ASAP!)