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  1. An Ottawa Senators reference AND a Keith Jones reference? I never knew John Lennon was such a big hockey fan!


    Also, I have to stop listening to these while walking my dog, it's -30 here (that's -22 F, for you Yanks) and my eyes were freezing shut from the tears.


    Wait, where was the Ottawa Senators reference?!? I somehow missed that...

  2. Really missing the Bobcat Goldthwait ep, one of my favourites of the year. But still pretty expected it wouldn't be on


    I didn't vote for Cafeteriapalooza, but I re-listened to that one yesterday and now I wish I had. Goldthwait's always a great interview and Wengert and Hines' characters were both the perfect balance of weird and hilarious. I laughed harder at that episode than #14-9 on the Best Of list.

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