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    EPISODE 112.5 — Minisode 112.5

    I agree, I don't want a rat serving me pizza. I think showbiz was a bear or something? Their characters were cuter. Tmnt, I definitely watched the cartoon and maybe the first movie but I think I was too old to see this one. So I'll have to watch... Just FYI, the island of dr Moreau documentary is supposedly showing up on netflix next month.
  2. BeesDontLie

    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    Ok I'm way late on this, but I spent half the movie thinking jupiters father was the older brother and waiting for that reveal. When they met and it didn't happen, I realized that I just thought that because I recognized the actor from agent carter and expected him to be important. I guess he wasn't. But I didn't recognize him enough to realize he wasnt edwyne Redmayne or whatever that guys name is. I still think that would have been a deeper movie. There would be an explanation for her connection to the family besides randomness and a motive for the brothers beyond greed. Ah well.
  3. BeesDontLie

    Why did they change the theme song?

    I like the new theme song. I do not like the second opinions song. And bees don't lie so you know it's true. But if I hated the song I would just ffwd through it? So it's not a big deal. I can't even remember what the old song sounded like actually..
  4. BeesDontLie

    EPISODE 111.5 — Minisode 111.5

    Fair warning, you might need to take a break in the middle. Can we talk about why the human wolf hybrid had wings at the end of the movie? Because that confused the hell out of me. And why does he need wings if he has magic spaceboots. Btw I registered just to talk about this movie because it is epic.