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    They should make heart shaped glasses that on one side say I love you. Opposite side says and I'm in love with you.
  2. Click clack?! The Boys are back! Clem and Ku?! HAYES THERE TOO!
  3. No one crowns achievements like The Boys. Sad to year Tom wont be coming on anymore, hes my favorite guest and in a way hes in my top 3 Boys
  4. Man Sean offering the company lawyer this work in conjunction with his own lawyer not wanting to be a part of his clients contract negotiations I'm floored. Tom Scharpling should hang up his hat because this is the Best Show
  5. CiscoKid

    Episode 268 - Adam Conover, Our Close Friend

    Also this pro version was v funny. Brett was on fire, Kevin was being quite big for his britches, only thing missing was Bosch doing a huge squeaky
  6. CiscoKid

    Episode 268 - Adam Conover, Our Close Friend

    Oh man, Jake Johnson was having none of their shenanigans. Imma go restart the whole backlogue again
  7. CiscoKid

    Fake News?

    Did you invent airplanes, cause I think you're right brother.
  8. What a great show! No spoilers but congrats to that illustrious forum user!
  9. CiscoKid

    Episode 265 - Reggie Watts, Our Spooky Friend

    @horse'sdms Hey could you help me think of a side dish to make for thanksgiving?
  10. CiscoKid

    Episode 264 - Flula Borg, Our Format Friend

    Hayes is the host Sean is the co-host Nice, Funny, Smart, Cool And Nice Here comes Hayes and Sean Wa-o, Wa-o #hhpoetryslam
  11. CiscoKid

    Episode 262 - Brett Gelman, Our Close Friend

    He's a sloppy bitch! God I loved that shit. More underhanded jabs! Also it's pretty wild that such an alt-comic icon like Gelman was immediately thrown by being called Big Bret. Man I love these boyz
  12. CiscoKid

    Episode 260 - Jo Firestone, Our Gameshow Friend

    Maybe something by the fat boys
  13. CiscoKid

    Episode 257 - Max Silvestri, Our Dessert Friend

    Man this ep slaps hard. My knees, that is!
  14. Cant friggin wait for the pro v hope it's a live episode. Kinda crazy Moriarty's brother came to do the MacWeldon ad Anyways, I'm guessing the next guest will be Michael Ian Black so they can collect all the Stellas, so my question for the pcg is: How do you do it all so gracefully? Sincerely CK
  15. CiscoKid

    Hollywood Masterclass Season 2

    Is Ben finally gonna become the ByeBye Man?
  16. I didn't book my ticket to see the boys fast enough. But everything else is pretty good- This episode was great for example. I hope they're on this week's Doughboys, although I don't even know where they'd go eat. But listening to Mitch and the boys geek out about famous new englanders made me think- they should do the new England tour with them!
  17. CiscoKid

    Episode 249 - Guy Branum, Our Close Friend

  18. CiscoKid

    Episode 249 - Guy Branum, Our Close Friend

    Hey congrats on the big shout out to our own CMB at the top of the show!
  19. CiscoKid

    Episode 248 - Triumph At Comic-Con

    Wait the leaderboards is based on content, not points? What the hell, shannon from midroll! Edit: nvm I'm dumb
  20. CiscoKid

    Episode 248 - Triumph At Comic-Con

    Hey guys, just wanted to say I loved the return of the TF! didn't have much to say about the main except it was obvi a Corker, busted guts all around.
  21. CiscoKid

    Episode 246 - Aparna Nancherla, Our Close Friend

    Can you guys believe those assholes on reddit made Chef Kevin feel bad? Sick.
  22. CiscoKid

    Episode 241 - Live from Onionfest

    Nohorseman you so crazy man. Kind of like the world were living in, am I right?