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    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    I had to make an account to talk about this movie. Just to clarify, I LOVE this movie with how bad it is. First Sean Bean's character, a friend explained the bee connection like Channing Tatum with the dog/wolf. Sean Bean lives in a home full of bees, as bees do in a hive, and several times in the movie his eyes flash yellow. Apparently the color yellow was enough to connect him to bees. I recall seeing the yellow eyes once or twice, but thought I was seeing things until my friend explained this "deep" characterization. For the boots Channing Tatum uses, it is described saying "they use the force of gravity redirected into differential equations slopes that you can surf" which make NO SENSE. He clearly delivers the line with not understanding what that means, and someone that has taken differential equations, I don't either. Link for the funny moment: